Textbook Charging 14-15

Textbook Charging 14-15

Textbook Charging Available to eligible Financial Aid
Financial aid refunds will be disbursed sometime during the 5 th week of classes. We allow
students who meet certain criteria, to charge their books and supplies at Western’s Campus
Who will be allowed to charge?
Any student who:
1) Has been sent an “award email” from Western’s Financial Aid Office who has been
awarded financial aid, and
2) Will have money left over after the student’s account balance is deducted from the
financial aid, and
3) Has granted Western permission to take the required books/supplies charges out of their
financial aid
What can a student charge?
Students, who meet the requirements, can charge books and supplies up to the amount of
financial aid LESS any student account balance. If required books and supplies cost MORE than
the financial aid monies left over after the student account balance is deducted from financial aid,
the student will be required to pay the difference when the books/supplies are given to the
student. (Federal Stafford loan awards will NOT be included in the amount allowed to charge
against if Entrance Counseling and the Master Promissory Note have NOT been completed)
When can students start charging at the Campus Shop?
Fall 2014

Aug. 11th – Sept. 5th at 3pm

Spring 2015

Dec. 8th – Jan. 16th at 3pm

Summer 2015

Apr. 20th – May 15th at 3pm

What does a student need to be allowed to charge?

Student’s ID Card
Student’s Class Schedule