Adjunct Faculty

Part-time faculty members are an essential part of the Western Technical College family. Part-time faculty who are not on campus regularly may have specific needs, but there are a variety of resources available to support those needs.

Adjunct Faculty Experience

Adjunct faculty teaching credit courses are required to complete competencies regarding teaching and learning by the Wisconsin Technical College System. If you are unsure of what is expected for your requirements, please contact Human Resources at 608-785-9077. At Western, adjunct faculty have the opportunity to complete three competencies through online courses called Adjunct Faculty Experience. These courses are offered every term.

If you are interested in registering for any one of the three courses (Student Success, Behavioral Management, and Embracing Diversity), please fill out the registration form at the link below:

Academic Integrity Report Form

Western Technical College is committed to upholding academic integrity in all modes of learning. Faculty, students and staff are all responsible for ensuring the integrity, fairness, and honesty of the intellectual environment. Academic integrity violations, include, but are not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, falsification and other forms of dishonest or unethical behavior, and are considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Please use this form to report any alleged violations of academic integrity.


Occasionally you may need to refer a student for academic or behavioral reasons. The links below will help you assess who, what, when, and how to refer.

When to Refer Chart – Use this chart to help you decide if, when, who, how, and what to report.

Early Referral Form – Instructors who are concerned that a student may be at risk of not passing a course may complete the Early Alert Form to request that a member of the counseling center staff follow-up with that student.

NEWLY UPDATED: Adjunct Faculty Handbook

The Adjunct Faculty Handbook (PDF) is a guide to various college resources, college policies, and information to help bring consistency and guidance to Western’s adjunct instructors. Links within the PDF to various resources will help you to locate the information you need.

Adjunct Faculty Online Orientation

It’s suggested that all new adjunct faculty at Western complete the Adjunct Faculty Online Orientation. Some of the things covered in the orientation include:

  • A welcome to Western by President Roger Stanford
  • The Adjunct Faculty Handbook and FAQs
  • Western’s Office 365 email
  • Blackboard learning management system
  • The Faculty Resources Website
  • Sustainability at Western
  • and more!

Log in with your first and last name and Western email address to begin the orientation. You do not need to complete the orientation in one sitting. Feel free to stop and start at your convenience. There’s a short survey at the end for your feedback.


You likely have many questions about the logistics of working at Western as an adjunct instructor.  Begin looking for answers with this PDF:

Adjunct FAQs

Adjunct Mentoring

Every adjunct faculty member will be paired with an experienced instructor, who will share his or her knowledge of Western policies and procedures, teaching methods and classroom management.

Faculty Mentoring Expectations

Faculty Mentoring Checklist

Regional Learning Center (RLC) Contact Information

Western Jargon

As you talk (or communicate via email) with other staff members and students at Western, you may hear terms and acronyms that are new to you. Check out the Western Jargon List so that you can learn to speak “Western!”

Teaching and Learning Support

Interested in learning more about teaching methods?  Unsure of how to best engage students?  Curious about writing tests or giving students feedback?

The Academic Excellence and Development Center, is a resource you can turn to for any questions you might have related to teaching and learning.  Feel free to drop by the Center, located in Coleman 248 E, between 8am-4pm, or reach out to:

Academic Excellence & Development

Brandee Ortery, Dean of Learning       (608) 789-6042

David Boisen, Instructional Designer       (608) 789-6141

Nicole Cooksey, Curriculum Coordinator     (608) 789-6239

Mark Hanson, Faculty Developer     (608) 789-6217

Larry Sleznikow, Instructional Technologist     (608) 789-2065

Peggy Vogel, Teaching and Learning Coordinator     (608) 789-2068

Curriculum and Syllabus Support

For some basic information on creating a syllabus, see the syllabus section of the Instructor Resources area of the home page of this website.

For information and support on creating your syllabus, see the Curriculum section of the home page of this website.

Technology Support

Have technology questions? Below are some services that can help:

Information Technology Services Website

Go to to learn about the variety of services and resources IT Services offers. 

Computer Services Help Desk

The Computer Services Help Desk is located in Business Education building in room B-14 of Western’s La Crosse campus. You can also reach a Help Desk attendant by e-mail at or by phone (608) 789-6266. 

Instructional Media Center (IMC)

Contact the IMC (at  or (608) 785-9107) when you need help with projectors, audiovisual equipment or distance education equipment (IDL/ITV) in the classroom.

Faculty Blackboard Support

This web site contains a variety of training information to help faculty learn to use the functions available in Blackboard. However, if you are experiencing difficulties with logging into or using Blackboard, faculty members may contact the Computer Services Help Desk (608-789-6266) or send an e-mail (about Blackboard) to