AEDD Updates 12-18-2020

Understanding Microaggressions

Question: What is a microaggression?

Answer: A microaggression is a subtle behavior – verbal or non-verbal, conscious or unconscious – directed at a member of a marginalized group that has a derogatory, harmful effect.

Learn More:
Video: Microaggressions in the Classroom (18 minutes)

What Is a Microaggression? Everyday Insults with Harmful Effects (read time: 8 minutes)

Quality Assurance Mentoring

Looking for a Tech Tool to explore over the holiday break? Check out FLIPGRID! This Microsoft-based, user-friendly, engaging tool is a great addition to your Spring semester courses!

Online Instructional Delivery

THE STUDENT TOP TEN COUNTDOWN: What do students want from an online course?
Source: What Makes a Quality Online Course: The Student Perspective

#10. Assessments are appropriately timed, varied, and appropriate
#9. Instructions on how to access resources are sufficient and easy to understand
#8. Course components are web-based or easily downloaded for use offline
#7. Requirements for interaction are clearly explained
#6. Opportunity to speak with instructor, classmates through email, discussion boards, any time / any place
#5. Technologies required are readily available – provided or easily downloaded
#4. Clear instructions tell me how to get started and to find course components
#3. Criteria for how I will be evaluated is descriptive and specific
#2. Online navigation is logical, consistent, and efficient
#1: The grading policy is clearly stated

Instructional Design

Be wary of free tools and resources! Many companies are offering their tools and content to the education community at no cost during the pandemic. But there are several reasons why you will want to approach these tools with caution. The experts at Quality Matters explain and offer four additional tips for remote teaching in this 7-minute read.