Blackboard is a learning management system used by Western Technical College to support face-to-face classes, blended courses, and online instruction.

If you are new to Blackboard, there are a variety of handouts and instructional materials available on this web site. Please use the links below to access information about getting started with Blackboard and help with specific Blackboard functions.

Can’t find an answer to your Blackboard question in the resources below?

Blackboard Assistance for Faculty

  1. Email with your question.
  2. Be as specific as possible with the problem you want to solve. Include screen captures if that helps make your point.
  3. This email group includes Western’s Blackboard administrator, instructional technologist, and faculty members who are experienced Blackboard users.
  4. When the group receives the email, the first person with an answer will reply.


Getting Started With Blackboard

Follow this tutorial for an overview of Blackboard: Blackboard Overview

Blackboard’s YouTube Video Playlist for Instructors

Check out this YouTube video playlist for instructors with of over 60 videos designed to show you how to effectively use Blackboard.

Blackboard Checklist

Follow this tutorial for a checklist of tasks to complete at the beginning and end of each trimester: Blackboard Checklist

Blackboard Content Pages

Below are a variety of pages to access information about specific Blackboard functions. They are grouped according to the following topics:

Adding Content to Course

Types of content, assignments, tests, surveys, and pools, interactive tools and media are covered. This includes tools such as wikis, blogs, journals, and discussions as well as Safe Assign and Respondus.

Communication Tools

Blackboard offers a variety of functions to allow instructors to communicate with their students–and to allow students (and groups) to communicate with each other. This page contains tutorials on announcements, email and course messages, notifications and achievements.

Course Management

Blackboard offers instructors a variety of course management tools–tools that will allow instructors to customize their course sites, control availability of the course, create work groups, and more. Specifically, this includes setting up your course and setting course availability; enrollment; import, export, or archiving courses; combining sections; groups; and learning modules.

Date Management

Managing the dates that assignments and content are available, as well as due dates, can be found in Date Management.  Also information on adaptive release, where a set of criteria are met to release more items, can be found in this area.

Grade Center

The Grade Center is a powerful tool that allows instructors to monitor student progress and provide timely feedback to students on graded work. In this page you will find information on organizing the grade center, student view of the grade center, grading student work, and customizing your own view of the grade center.

Monitoring Features 

Student performance may be monitored in a number of ways, including the use of grade center color codes, Performance Dashboard, and the Retention Center. Also included in this section is a tutorial on reporting options.

If you have a Blackboard question that is not answered in one of the tutorials available on this web site, please send an email to