Blackboard Checklist

Blackboard Checklist

Blackboard Checklist
Before the Semester Starts

See These Links

Find Your Course Shell at
Import the Course File (if this is a course you have used before or a
course file from a publisher)
Determine How Your Course Will Look – select banners, navigation,
menu style, color scheme
Add Content and Tools to Your Course:
 Assignments
 Assessments
 Interactive Tools (Wikis, Discussions, Journals ,Blogs)
 Media
 Learning Modules
Combine Multiple Sections into one Bb Course – if you are teaching
multiple sections of the same course and would like to use just one Bb
course shell
Determine Due Dates and/or Availability Dates
Organize the Grade Center
Make the Course Available

After the Semester Ends

Course Management > Managing Course Files Import
Course Management > Setting up Your Bb Course
Adding Content > Assignments, Safe Assign
Adding Content > Using Tests, Surveys and Pools
Adding Content > Interactive Tools
Adding Content > Media
Course Management > Learning Modules
Course Management >Combining Multiple Sections
Date Management > Due Dates and Availability
Grade Center > Grade Center Organization
Course Management > Course Availability
See These Links

Back up the Grade Center
Archive/Export Your Course

Grade Center > Backing up the Grade Center
Course Management > Managing Course Files –
Archive, Export
Course Management >Enrollment
Course Management > Course Availability

Unenroll Students
Make the Course Unavailable
Additional Resources: Blackboard Help

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