Communication Tools

Blackboard offers a variety of functions to allow instructors to communicate with their students–and to allow students (and groups) to communicate with each other.

Announcements, E-mail, and Course Messages

Announcements, E-mail, and Course Messages are Blackboard tools that instructors and students may use to communicate with each other from within their course.

Follow this tutorial to create announcements, e-mail, and course messages: Announcements, E-mail and Course Messages



With the notifications module, you can get and give information about students within a course and/or via email. With notifications, you have the ability to revolutionize how your students navigate your course. Further, you can easily summarize what’s going on in an entire course on one screen. You can also tell when a student has submitted an assignment, test or made a discussion board post. Finally, without going to the grade center, you can see which students have assignments that are overdue.

Follow this tutorial to create notifications:  Notifications



Achievements is a tool that recognizes student accomplishments.  Achievements can be provided for the completion of the course, a milestone accomplishment, or another custom event.  This may be particularly useful for certificate-based programs as students can print out the certificates.

Follow this tutorial to create Achievements: Achievements