Date Management

Due Dates & Availability Dates

Unless a course is open-ended, most will have some homework deadlines.  When you add content (assignments, assessments or interactive tools) to your Blackboard course, you will be prompted to set these deadlines by communicating Due Dates or by restricting access via Availability Dates. While these functions sound similar, they have different functions.

Follow this tutorial to learn more about dates: Due Dates and Availability


Adaptive Release

Adaptive Release determines the visibility of content items to students based upon rules.  Rules consist of a set of criteria that may include one or more of the following:

  • Date – Content is released after a specific date, until a specific date, or within a range of dates.
  • Membership – Content is made available to individual users or groups.
  • Grade – Content is released based on item attempt, item score, or a calculated column.
  • Review Criteria – Content is made available after another item is marked as “reviewed.”

Adaptive Release allows the instructor to add and edit ONE rule for a single item that may have multiple criteria.  This rule can contain all four types of criteria, but not multiple instances of the same type. ALL CRITERIA IN THE RULE must be met before the item is released.

Adaptive Release Advanced allows the instructor to add and edit MULTIPLE rules for a single item that may each have multiple criteria.   ALL CRITERIA OF ONE OF THE RULES must be met before the item is released.

Follow this tutorial to use adaptive release:  Adaptive Release