Please send all WIDS and curriculum-related inquiries to Nicole Cooksey, Western’s curriculum coordinator

Western’s Program and Curriculum Design Approach

Western incorporates a performance-based learning approach to program and curriculum design. The Worldwide Instructional Design System (WIDS) has been endorsed by Western and the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) as the primary curriculum documentation and design tool. Programs are encouraged to align curriculum design work with the Quality Review Process (QRP), Academic Master Plan, Program Mix Process, College Strategic Plan, and Wisconsin Technical College System Initiatives such as Technical Skill Attainment (TSA).


WIDS (Worldwide Instructional Design System) is the official curriculum documentation system for the Wisconsin Technical College System

Western WIDS – This is the link you should use to develop curriculum. Login with the same password used for Windows login. Note this will change as your Western password changes.

Project Roles



Project Manager View and edit approved and WIP content. Approve the project. Set the “go live” date.
Developer Create and edit approved WIP content. Request approval for the project.
Reviewer Review approved and WIP content. Comment on approval. Cannot edit.
Instructor Create syllabi, learning plans and performance assessment tasks for approved projects.

WIP = work in progress

Instructor is a self-assigned role. Refer to the Course Information or Syllabus Development page to learn how to sign up as an Instructor.


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