Syllabus Development

Welcome to the Curriculum Syllabus Development Page! Here you will find information about and links to syllabus development.

The syllabus communicates information about the course, the instructor, learning expectations and classroom guidelines. Consider how you will convey that information to students in a precise and succinct manner.

Official college syllabi will be created and submitted in WIDS as well as linked to the Blackboard course.


WIDS Syllabus Update Release User Guide Dec 2019 PDF

WIDS Home Page Update Release User Guide Dec 2019 PDF

WIDS Syllabus to Blackboard Integration User Guide Dec 2019 PDF

Video Links

WIDS Syllabus and Home Page – This 3-minute 30-second video from WIDS introduces a new home screen and Syllabus Wizard. WIDS makes it easy to create a syllabus from an approved college course.

Website Links help – Select this link and then select “Video Clips” in the left panel to find a video entitled “Create a Syllabus.” The video is an overview of the complete syllabus process.