WIDS Blackboard Syllabus Integration Help

WIDS Blackboard Syllabus Integration Help

WIDS Blackboard Integration - Syllabus

The WIDS-Blackboard Integration allows you to show information from WIDS in your Blackboard course.
Once the course link has been established, the Blackboard course can be copied and the WIDS course
link remains. Links in Blackboard always show the “active” WIDS data given the date you establish in the
Blackboard link. This guide will walk you through the steps to integrating your WIDS syllabus in
Blackboard. Suggested browser is Google Chrome.
Create a WIDS Link in Blackboard

Login to WIDS
1. Create your syllabus for the upcoming term
2. Submit the syllabus when finished (the syllabus must be submitted and/or approved or you will not
be able to link them)
3. CHECK and WRITE DOWN the start date for the syllabus – you will need this information when in
Login to Blackboard
1. Setup the WIDS Link
 Open your Blackboard course.
 Select a content screen on the left (such as Assignments )
 On the top navigation bar, point to Build Content and click WIDS Link.

Blackboard opens the Create WIDS Link screen.

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Give your item link a name such as “WIDS Link.”
Since this link will not be for students, set the Permit Users to View This Content option to
Click Submit.


Launch the WIDS Link
 Click the WIDS Link on your screen. WIDS opens a dialog box to link your Blackboard course
to your WIDS course.
3. Link Blackboard to a WIDS Course
 The WIDS Link automatically searches WIDS for a course that matches the Blackboard
number or title. If course is not correct, click Search to locate a different new course.


Enter a course number or keyword and click Search.
WIDS presents a list of available options. Select your course from the list.
Click Submit.

4. Select a Course Start Date (NOTE: Just use the start date for the syllabus you created and
Type in the start date that you put in for your syllabus. Selecting a start date tells WIDS which version
of your WIDS course to show in Blackboard. WIDS will only show information that is active on the date
you choose.
Under the Linked Course Start Date section click Start Date.

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WIDS presents a screen where you can select a start date for your course.
Select a start date and click Submit.

5. Link the Instructor
The WIDS instructor link is required to show a WIDS syllabus in Blackboard.
WIDS searches for a match between the person logged into Blackboard and a course instructor in WIDS.
(WIDS tries to match name and/or email address.) If WIDS finds a match, the instructor is linked
6. Link a Syllabus
You can link submitted or approved syllabi from WIDS to you Blackboard course. Under the Linked
Syllabus section click Search.

WIDS presents a list of WIDS syllabi for linking. Only submitted or approved syllabi show in
the list.

Tip: If your syllabus does not appear on the list, check your syllabus start date in WIDS. The start
date you set for this course in Blackboard must fall between your WIDS syllabus start and end
dates. In addition, make sure you have submitted your syllabi for approval.
7. Link content from WIDS to Blackboard
Blackboard opens a dialogue box. Follow the directions to setup your WIDS Course Link
a. Syllabus
Use the search to select a syllabus for linking to the course.
Can’t find your syllabus? Check WIDS to ensure that you have submitted
it and the start date of the syllabus matches the start date set in Blackboard.

8. Select a Location for your WIDS Content
Use the bottom part of the WIDS Link dialogue box to select locations and syncing for the WIDS

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Click on SELECT and it will show
you areas that are available
within Blackboard

9. Click SUBMIT to finish the process.
Tip: If you don’t see everything in Blackboard—wait a few minutes. It may take some time
to sync.

10. Close the WIDS Link and you will find a URL that has link to your syllabus

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