Instructor Resources

Western is only as successful as those who dedicate their time to teach here.

This information in the “Instructor Resources” section of this website is meant to help you be successful as an instructor. It could serve as your initial stop whether you’re seeking information to help you find your way, preparing your courses or referencing an instructional policy.

Academic Integrity Report Form

Western Technical College is committed to upholding academic integrity in all modes of learning. Faculty, students and staff are all responsible for ensuring the integrity, fairness, and honesty of the intellectual environment. Academic integrity violations, include, but are not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, falsification and other forms of dishonest or unethical behavior, and are considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Please use this form to report any alleged violations of academic integrity.

Blended and Online Instructor Resources

Learn about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), copyright, academic integrity, and universal design for learning (UDL).

Campus Contacts for Students

Here are a list of contacts, i.e. The Welcome Center, the Learning Commons, etc., on campus that students will find helpful.

Campus Logistics

Included in Campus Logistics is information pertaining to the Regional Learning Centers, Western calendars, Hours of Operation, construction, parking, transportation, ID cards, security, safety, and emergencies.

Campus-wide Technology

Some software and technologies are used campus-wide, such as Powercampus, WIDS, Blackboard, and e-mail.  You’ll find general information on all of those and more in this link, along with contact information for PC Services and the Instructional Media Center (IMC).

Career Services Resources for Faculty/Staff

Faculty and Staff resources from Western’s own Career Services Department.

Community-based Learning

Here you will find information on volunteering, service learning, and community education.

Course Catalog

Login and search Western’s course catalog.

Credit for Prior Learning (Military)

Learn how military training and experience may be recognized for college-level learning. Learn what methods are used, where credit recommendations come from, and how Western evaluates.

The Military Credit for Prior Learning Assessment Guide (PDF) provides resources and insight to assist faculty and staff in translating this formalized training.

Diversity Resources

Western honors diversity in all aspects. Please consider using these resources with your students and when developing your courses.

Gallup CliftonStrengths Resources for Faculty/Staff

At Western, we have a team of Gallup CliftonStrengths coaches available to support Western students using the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment to help identify the areas where an individual has the most significant potential for building strengths.

Going From Surviving to Thriving in Online Teaching

This series of presentations was designed to give instructors an overview of four areas of teaching that are approached differently when moving from face-to-face teaching to being fully online. The presentations include suggested techniques for making online teaching rewarding for both the instructor and students.

Instructional Logistics

While planning a course at Western you have many decisions to make. This link contains resources pertaining to many of these decisions, including: making copies, creating a syllabus, choosing textbooks, accessing rosters, posting grades, and using technology.

Interactive Distance Learning (IDL)

Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) is a medium for course delivery that involves the electronic transmission of courses. This opportunity allows students to interact with the instructor and students at various regional learning centers and see and hear the instructor on television monitors.

Library Instruction Session

Library instruction sessions are given by request, and are primarily conducted in conjunction with various class assignments, although sessions can be arranged for basic informational purposes. These sessions assist students in locating, evaluating, and using the information required, thereby fostering critical thinking skills. Request a library instruction session with our online form.

Policies and Other Information Related to Instruction

College policies and other information help bring consistency and guidance to instructors and, in turn, to our students.  Here are some of the more commonly referred to instructional policies as well as information including incident report, student conduct, privacy/FERPA, and open hour schedule.

Regional Learning Center (RLC) Contacts and Resources

Western Technical College is located in La Crosse, WI. We also have five regional locations in Black River Falls, Independence, Mauston, Tomah, and Viroqua. Those teaching in one of the RLCs will find this link particularly useful.

Research at Western Technical College

The Research Office provides the timely, accurate reporting of data and information to all units of the College and to external parties as needed. Its primary purpose is to provide information to support student success, strategic planning, decision making, and the greater mission of Western Technical College.

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