Americans With Disabilities Act


In this unit you will learn about the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and how important it is to teaching. It will include outside resources, as well as resources available at Western.

  1. Review competency and learning objectives.


Determine what being ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) compliant means when teaching.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine closed captioning tools available.
  • Examine web accessibility.
  • Identify what Western Technical College’s Disability Support Services area provides.
  1. Watch the video “Americans With Disabilities Act (6:41 minutes)

Learning Materials

  1. Read/review “An Overview of Accessibility” from Module 9: Accessibility – Open Washington

Learning Materials

  1. Explore Accessibility
    The links below can be used to explore in an effort to experience some of the accessibility struggles that our students might encounter. Copy and paste the URL links into your browser.

    These two videos help to explain the importance of accessibility when creating online content.

  1. Evaluate the accessibility of any website with the WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool.

Learning Materials

  1. Review the following Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Resources.
  1. Watch a short video created by Kristina Stellpflug and Kris Follansbee from Western Technical College’s Disability Support Services area.
  1. Watch information on the following ADA topics from Open Washington’s Module 8: Accessibility. To access the information click on the title, i.e., “Accessible video”:
  1. Use the following Checklist for ADA Compliance for a course you are teaching.