Blended Course Activities


In this learning module you will explore a variety of activities you can use in your blended course. The key to any delivery method, but in particular blended delivery, is planning your activities so what happens before, during, and after class are seamlessly aligned. You can review information from the module on Designing Your Blended Course, to help you put this into perspective. It is important to scaffold the activities as well so you will explore how Bloom’s Taxonomy fits into choosing learning activities. The last two activities review how technology plays a role in blended activities.

Time: About 60 minutes

Learning Activities

  1. REVIEW competency and learning objectives


Examine learning activities for blended course.

Learning Objectives

  • Determine activities to use before, during, and after class.
  • Examine technology tools to use for blended learning.
  1. READ Planning Your Learning Activities

    Why: this article asks you to focus on five key areas as you start to decide on the appropriate learning activities. There are multiple opportunities to explore further and find the appropriate learning activities. For example, if you are looking for activities that provide the students with more opportunity to practice, there is a link to the discussion of how quizzes can help with this.

    Time: 10 minutes or more

  1. Review examples of course activities on the Blended Learning Toolkit website.

    Why:This provides you with a visual of how an instructor used different activities that align with the time in class and that out of class. Note, there is a project her class is working on and how projects are great learning activities for blended classes. This is an excellent example/visual of aligning activities before, during, and after class which leverages the blended delivery model.

    Time: 10 minutes

  1. Read How to Optimize Blended Learning Through Learning Activities

    Why:This article provides you with why it is important to consider which activities you choose for your students. There are opportunities to leverage what you have the students do before class, for example, if they are learning about interviewing by reading different techniques before class, you may want to choose a role play activity for during class, that allows them time to practice what they read. After class you could assign journal reflection, that helps optimize metacognition.

    Time: 10 minutes

  1. View visual of Bloom’s Taxonomy for Blended Learning.

    Why: Choosing the appropriate activity based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, will help you scaffold the learning and align what happens before, during, and after class. For example, the lowest level of Bloom’s is “remembering.” If you look at activities on the attached document, you will find that some activities (those in the middle) you could ask the students to do are searching for facts, flash cards, online quizzes, etc. All of these activities are best suited for before class, so that students have some knowledge to bring with them to class.

    Time: 5 minutes to review – more if you want to explore suggested activities.

  1. Watch the YouTube video Blended Learning and Technology Integration

    Why:This helps you understand what blended learning is and how you can use technology to help, but even more importantly, HOW to use it to help blend your course.

    Time: 7:30 minutes

  1. Read 8 Excellent Blended Learning Tools for Teachers.

    Why: The author provides you with easy to use technology tools to help you with your blended classroom. For example, they share how one tool allows you to add interactive questions to your videos. Quizzes are a great way to have students practice retrieving information they have read or listened to.

    Time: 15 minutes or more depending upon how many tools you review.