Online Learning Activities


In this module you will explore different types of online learning activities available to incorporate into your online course. You will begin with looking at a learning module from a Merlot Course (OER – open educational resources) on online learning. This will set the stage for the following learning activities, which will address different learning styles and how to develop and integrate a variety of learning activities into your online course.The last two learning activities are more of a resource for you since they offer examples of learning activities, as well as OER resources available for your use.

Time: The time for this module will vary depending upon how deep you want to dig, at a minimum it will take about an hour.

Learning Activities

  1. REVIEW competency and learning objectives


Investigate online learning activities.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore steps to consider when converting learning activities to online delivery.
  • Explore online activities for different types of learners.
  1. Participate in Online Learning Activities

    Why: This is a great starting place to help you successfully design your online course. Not only does it provide you with the why, it also provides you with great examples of what you can do.

    Time: 15 minutes

  1. Read Learning Styles and the Online Environment.

    Why: It is important to remember your students have their own style of collecting and organizing information into useful knowledge. The online environment is very well suited to certain styles, like the visual learners, but not as well suited to others. You need to be aware of this as you begin to design activities for your online course.

    Time: 10 minutes

  1. Read Instructional Design/R2D2

    Why: This is a model of designing your online course to help integrate learning activities that accommodate all learning styles. This is the first segment of 9 that are available. You can choose how deep you want to dive into this concept, but being aware it exists should help you and your learners.

    Time: 15 minutes or more depending upon how many segments you use.

  1. Explore Online Teaching Activity Index.

    Why: This is an extensive list of activities that can be used in your online course. You can choose an activity you think would be beneficial for your course, click on that and you will be provided detailed instructions and resources to create this activity for your online course.

    Time: 15 minutes – It will depend upon how many activities you investigate.

  1. Explore OER (Open Educational Resources) Videos — videos available for an online course.

    Why: It is important to delivery online content in ways other then just text. You will be provided with links to Khan Academy, TED talks, Vimeo, and YouTube.

    Time: It will vary depending upon how many sites you explore, minimum of 10 minutes.