Online Technology Tools


In this learning module you will be provided information about why, how, and what technology tools are available for teaching online. Why – when teaching today’s students it is important to use some technology to help deliver course learning materials. Technology can be a real time saver for you as an instructor, which is especially important in an online course. Remember, you do not just want to use technology for the sake of technology, but rather think about as you design your online course, what technology tool will be able to assist you.

Time: Approximately one hour

Learning Activities

  1. REVIEW competency and learning objectives for this module


Use technology tools for online teaching and learning.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore why technology is important to use in online courses.
  • Determine how technology can assist with delivery of course materials in an online class.
  • Examine technology available for learning activities.
  1. READ Steps, Stumbles, and Successes: Reflections on Integrating Web 2.0 Technology for Collaborative Learning in a Research Methods Course

    Why: This is an interesting look at one instructor’s experience with integrating technology and student collaboration into her course. The author shares her experience, which had students overwhelmingly rating their experience as positive.

    Time: 15 minutes

  1. View the following two videos:

    Why: The links above are both videos that were originally posted to YouTube in 2007. Recognizing that this was nine years ago, consider the fact that the first video’s middle school age kids could be our students now and that the second video’s college students might still have some of the same thoughts and beliefs as our students today. It is important to understand today’s students are different.

    Time: 15 minutes

  1. Read E-Learning Blog: Leverage the LMS for Online Student Retention

    Why: As instructors we need to remember that our LMS is considered technology, which can be used to help our students learn. While this article discusses Canvas, it can be applied to Blackboard as well. It provides you with very useful tips.

    Time: 10 minutes

  1. Explore Top 200 Tools for Learning to learn about the top 200 tools for learning as documented by Jane Hart’s UK based Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. 2016 marked the 10th anniversary of the site and so she produced this list of 200 tools.

    Why: It provides you with an understanding of what is available. Check out two or three tools you think you could use in your online course. As you do this, think – what do I want to accomplish first Since we do not want to just use technology for the sake of technology. One example from the list is TED Talks/Ed – this tool is great for sharing videos with students. With TED Ed you can even create quizzes, discussions, and more. The why is that it will help the students learn and collaborate on topic relevant to your course.

    Time: 10 minutes or more depending upon how many tools you click on

  1. Watch the video 8 Lessons Learned from Teaching Online

    Why: This short video provides you with a list of insights from experts who have taught online.

    Time: 4:11 minutes

  1. Watch the video 101 Free Tech Tools for Teachers

    Why: This is an up-to-date demonstration of technology tools that are available to enhance your lesson. They go through 40 or so tools. You do not have to watch all of it at one sitting. They do provide you with web address and apps if available.

    Time: It will vary depending upon how long you watch and additional research you do.

  1. Explore communication tools in Blackboard. Click on Communication and Collaboration, to access Blackboard’s playlist on the tools you can use right in Blackboard.

    Why: Blackboard is our LMS (learning management system) and the students are already familiar with it, so why not leverage that.

    Time: It will depend upon how many videos you watch.