Program Locations Spring 2016

Program Locations Spring 2016

Permanent Program Locations

Starting January 2016, the Integrated Technology Division office and 10 program areas will move into their
permanent locations in the new Integrated Technology Center:
• Agribusiness Science Technology
• Landscape Horticulture
• Machine Tool
• Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning &

Refrigeration (both Associate and Diploma)
• Electronic & Computer Engineering

Technology (EET & CET)

•  lectronic Systems Installation &
Maintenance (IEM)
• Electromechanical Technology
• Biomedical Electronics Technology
•  anufacturing Systems
Maintenance Technician
• Physics

Temporary Program Relocations
From Summer Term 2014 through Fall Term 2016, some of Western’s
programs and departments are being temporarily relocated due
to construction projects on the La Crosse main campus. Below is a
summary of the affected programs, along with their new locations.

Some General

Some individual offices may also be relocated during
construction. If you’re visiting someone near/in the
construction zones, you may want to call ahead:

Studies classes will be held in Modular classrooms (M on class schedule)

These temporary buildings are located to the east of the Business Education Center
at the corner of Pine and 8th Streets

The Therapeutic

Massage program will be located in:

The Swartz Building 120-122-126 6th Street South (near the Administrative Center)

Architectural Technology, Mechanical Design, and Building Systems Technology
programs will be located in:

The Social Security/Cleary Building 210 S. 7th Street (near Pizza Doctors)
The Visual

Communications program will be located in:

The AVS Group 3120 South Ave. (near intersection of South and Ward Ave.)
The Welding program and Apprenticeship classes will be located in:

Welding & Apprenticeship Facility 2860 21st Place South (behind Marcus Theater)
The Wood Tech program
Carpentry classes will be located in:

Modern Woodworking Building
2320 Cunningham St.

Cabinetry classes will be located in:

The Diesel Annex
1637 St. James St.

(near Reinhart Food Service)

The Learner Support Center will be located in the Academic Resource Center, Room 122
The Math Center will be located in the Academic Resource Center, Room 220


Revised January 2016