Instructional Logistics

While planning a course at Western you have many assets available to you. Whether it’s how to access certain technology or how to determine what textbook to use, here are just some of the more popular resources available to Western Faculty.

Course Drop/Dynamic Dates

Here are instructions for finding drop dates for your courses via Report Center (PDF)

Here are instructions for students to use the Student Self-Service – Add/Drop Classes (PDF) to add and drop classes and also know the refund available, if any, for dropping a course

Making Copies

Sustainability (PDF) is a Western Core Ability, so print only what is necessary.

  • Copies can take days—so plan accordingly.
  • Avoid color copies. Also, much of Western’s printing is done through Digicopy.
  • On La Crosse Campus copies vary per division so contact your Division Office.

Open Hours

Open times are set aside for clubs, committees, teams, and other organizations can have designated times, clear of most scheduled classes. Open hours are scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Posting Grades

For information on posting grades please visit: Posting Grades

Reminders about submitting grades:

  • Fall 2021 grades are to be posted by 4:00 p.m. Monday, December 20, 2021.  Please check with your division office for other (if any) grade reporting requirements.
  • Be sure to enter all your grades and click on Submit Final. If you only select SAVE your grades will not be posted.
  • If your class ends early you can post as soon as the class is done. If you have a spring term class that is scheduled with an ending date after April 24th, please post your grades as soon as your class has ended.
  • Grades are available online to the student as soon as they are submitted – grades are no longer being mailed.


Official rosters are on Powercampus.

Unofficial rosters are on BlackboardWhen a student drops, the faculty must remove a student from their Blackboard Roster


For more information and resources, visit the Curriculum area of this website.


Western has outlined policies and procedures for helping assure students and faculty get the most out of their class books.

The purpose of the textbook policy (PDF) is specifically to assure the best interests of students and that Western’s required certification levels are maintained. A number of criteria are involved in the textbook selection procedure (PDF).