Posting Grades

  • Log into PowerCampus at:
  • After entering all of your grades, click on Submit Final. If you only select SAVE, your grades will not be posted.
    If your class ends early – you can post as soon as the class is done. Grades are available online to the student as soon as they are Submitted – grades are no longer being mailed.
  • Please do not wait until the last minute to try and log into the system and find you have forgotten your password. Please check in advance. If you have problems logging in or forgot your password you need to contact the Help Desk in IT (608) 789-6266.

Grading Scale

Grade Grade Point
A 4.0
AB 3.5
B 3.0
BC 2.5
C 2.0
D 1.0
F 0.0 (for a student who attends and fails the class)
FX 0.0 (for a student who never attended a class)*
F1 0.0 (for a student who attends at least one class and stops attending)*
I Incomplete
AUD Audit  (An audit grade will be assigned by the system if a student enrolled as an audit during registration.)
T Transfer Credit
CR* Pass/No Pass or credit granted for challenge exam
TN Transcripted Credit Not Attained
(This is for high school transcripted credit students who do not earn a C or better in the course. This does not go against the student’s GPA at Western.)

W Withdrawal  (Instructors are not able to assign a grade of W. The system will assign the grade of W when the student drops within the dynamic dates set for the class.)

*The grades of FX and F1 are for internal reporting only due to financial aid regulations.
The grade of F is displayed to the student.

Question: If a student stops doing homework or attending half-way through a term, then F1 seems logical. If however, they go up until the last few weeks, I would assume most faculty would assign an F. According to the Financial Aid regulations, it would appear that we want them to assign an F1 vs. an F which is where the confusion may be.

Answer: (from Cammy in Financial Aid, based on Financial Aid regulations) You are correct. For Financial Aid purposes the F1 would be assigned instead of the F even at the end of the term. The student is still receiving a failing grade, however, for financial aid purposes we are required to track students who are unofficially withdrawing. According to financial aid regulations, a student could attend the whole semester and not return for the last week for finals and would be graded as an F1.

Missing Grades

Missing grades are reported to the Division Deans and Vice President for Instruction. Classes that end after the official end of the term are not reported as missing.

If final grade rosters are not posted on time, many areas of the school are affected, including:

  • Academic Standing
  • Honors listing for internal and external publications
  • Probation listings for financial aid eligibility
  • Graduation review and certification
  • Grade reports and certified transcripts
  • Student scheduling needs
  • Advisor and Counselor information
  • Veterans grant benefits
  • Insurance discount validations
  • Transfer of Credits
  • High School Youth Options students
  • High School contract classes

Incomplete Grades

  • If you need to assign an incomplete grade (I), assign as normal and the students will have 4 weeks into SPRING term to finish. This due date is Monday, February 7, 2022.
  • Once the class is complete, you can send me the new grades. If they finish prior to that date, just send the grades when completed.

F1/FX grades

  • FX – Assigned to students that never attended the class or never participated in an online class (never completed an assignment or posted anything in Bb)
  • F1 – Assigned to students who stopped attending sometime during the term

Grade Change Policy

Grade changes should be emailed to Dean or Associate Dean. The Dean/Associate Dean will then forward to the Registrar. Be sure to include in email the student ID, semester, course/class information and the current and new grade to be changed.


For questions, contact:

Sandy Peterson
(608) 785-9207