Syllabus – Sample Guidelines

While creating Syllabi is done using WIDS software some Syllabus Guidelines may vary between courses. The sample guidelines here are meant as idea generators. You may create your own, use these as is, or vary them according to what you feel is best for your course.

It is sometimes helpful for students if, when possible, an entire department agrees on the same guideline or guidelines.

Attendance Guideline

Sample #1

1. Class attendance is strongly recommended. You may miss a total of 2 classes without penalty. You will receive a 10 point per day deduction after that. If you are going to miss a class or be late for a class you must notify the course instructor as soon as you are aware of the fact that you will not be there for the start of class. If you miss partial labs, it will be up to the discretion of the instructor to determine if your attendance will be docked.

2.  You are expected to be to class, seated and ready to learn at the designated start time. Running in to the class as the “bell rings” in not considered to be “on time”.

3. Being tardy by 10 minutes or greater is equivalent to an absence

4. Students are not to leave early for appointments. If so, it will count as an absence.

5. If a student misses 20% or more classes, they will be automatically fail the class

Sample #2

You’re required to be here, and on time for the lectures and labs.

• If you have over 4 absences you may fail regardless of your grade. If a student wants to be assured they’re dropped from class they must complete the drop paperwork themselves by drop day.

• 2 lates = 1 absence. 10 minutes late is considered absent.


Plagiarism Guideline

Sample #1

Any student found to plagiarize will receive an “F” for the course. A college Incident Report will be completed (so instructors are aware of student’s history.

Sample #2

Students plagiarizing will receive an automatic “F” for assignment and also possible an “F” for the course. Students may also be removed from their program. A college Incident Report will be completed.

Late Work/Makeup Guideline

Sample #1

If a due date is missed for any reason project it will be accepted up to one week past the deadline with the maximum points possible being 60% of the original.

Sample #2

If you miss deadline for any reason project will be accepted one week past deadline if with late coupon. Two coupons will be used per semester. Some assignments can’t be late even with a coupon.