Career Services Presentations

Classroom Presentations – scheduled by request

Career Services can create a customized presentation or connected assignment to meet your and your students’ needs.

To schedule a presentation, send an email request to: or call (608) 785-9440.

Title of Presentation Basic Outline
Career Services Overview
(20 min or less)
Description of services provided, Website and resources/links.
Handout: Career Services bookmark.
Wisconsin TechConnect™
(20 min)
Description: what it is, how it works, how to register, how to use misc. jobs board.
Handout: Career Services bookmark.
Resumes and Cover Letters
(40 min)
Power point presentation, guide students through student resume handbook.
Handouts: resume handbook and Prove It Statement.
Interview Strategies
(45 min)
Video and guided discussion.
Instructors can choose to have their students use “Perfect Interview” an online program or a variety of supportive activities, i.e. mock interviewing.
Typefocus (50-60 min) Typefocus assessment can be taken prior to presentation. PowerPoint and guided activities that help students learn about personality type differences and the importance of accepting others for who they are.
Effective Job Searching
(40 min)
Video and guided discussion afterwards.
(40 min)
An overview of what it means to be and act professional outside of just clothing.
Professional Dress
(20 min)
An overview of common examples of professional dress.
LinkedIn Basics
(30 min)
LinkedIn tools to guide students and motivate them to get started on their profile.
Social Media and Personal Branding
(45 min)
We encourage students to think of themselves as a brand and then talk about how to market their brand to potential employers for internships, full-time employment, and other opportunities. Types of social media marketing are included.
Respecting Differences
(30 min)
Use video and guide discussion afterwards.
Why Attend a Career Fair?
(25 min)
This presentation gives the why and how to prepare for attending a Career Fair. Job Fairs are not just for job seekers and we tell you why.
Spring Career Fair Overview
(5 min)
Quick overview of relevant employers attending the fair (depending on the class) and why attending the fair is beneficial for all students, not just those job searching.
Communicating with Tact, Candor & Credibility
(30 min)
Video and guided discussion regarding the 7 types of communicator’s & how to choose the most effective communication style.
Employability Skills
(50 min)
Generate a discussion on these skills incorporating PowerPoint and checklist.