Closed Captioning

Western Technical College is committed to the fundamental academic principles of equity and accessibility by providing all students and staff with equitable access to the College’s programs, services, events, and staff development activities. Western supports an inclusive academic environment by incorporating design concepts that reduce or remove barriers. Therefore captioned media must be available to staff, students and the public who have limited or prohibited access.

NEW: Learn about using the services of 3Play Media to provide captions for instructor-created videos. Download a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation containing more information. Contact Kris Follansbee (608-785-9551 or with questions.

For more information about how to use captions with YouTube, Camtasia files, or to obtain permission to use copyrighted materials, visit

If you need clarification on the policy or insights into how to put the policy into action, please contact Kris Follansbee, Manager, Access and Language Services, at 608-785-9875 or