Screen Capture and Audio Narration with Jing

Screen Capture and Audio Narration with Jing

Screen Capture and Audio Narration with Jing™
a TechSmith™ Product

Download Jing™
Go to
Click Products in the top menu bar
In the Dropdown Menu, select “Jing”

Click on “Free Download”

Choose Windows or Mac Download per what type of computer you have
During the install you will setup an account
Account setup includes access to storage
Menu appears at the top of your screen as a small yellow half circle.
When you hover over it, it will expand to show three menu options.

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Click the first circle on
the left to get the
crosshairs that allow you
to click, drag and release
to select the part of the
screen you want to
record. Hint: The larger
the area you select, the
larger the recorded file
size will be. So, consider
selecting a smaller area.

Click the middle circle to
show past history (Jing
videos you have recorded
previously) similar to
Internet browser history.
If cleared, you can still
access video via your account
that is created as part of
your initial download.

Click the circle on the far
right to access main
menu where you can set
your Preferences.
Important to check
Audio Input
to select your proper
device. (USB headset
versus built-in laptop
mic for example.)

Recording Menus
Recordings are a maximum of five minutes. When you start recording, time will display on
bottom right.
Click second button from left to capture video (start recording). You will get a 3, 2, 1
countdown to begin.

During a recording:

Click first button on left to stop recording

Time will turn red during the final minute.

Saving Video
Name your video

Click first button on left to create
a web link to be stored in your
account on

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Or, click the second button from
the left to save as a file and
choose a location to save it.

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Uploading versus Saving
• allows two gigabytes of storage for free. If you max out your free
space you would need to delete old videos or purchase a monthly payment plan.


Saving the file gives you options for editing it using Camtasia™ at some point in the
future. Saved files could be uploaded to Western’s streaming server instead of and the file type can be converted from the default .swf which is a
flash format and sometimes incompatible, to a more universal file type or multiple
file types as needed. Contact for assistance with file
conversion and posting to the streaming server.

Created by orteryb

Updated 1.7.15 by frostt

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