Instructional Equipment

Instructional Equipment

Instructional Equipment
Tool Name
Document Camera

 Presentation device that projects and enlarges
images of 3-D objects as well as text on paper

Classroom Projectors




Electronic Pen


Smart Board


Examples/Classroom Use
Educational Technology Network Ideas for
Document Camera Use in the Classroom:
A variety of projections systems are installed in Instructions for Use
Instructions/features list should be available at
WTC classrooms
the instructor workstation in each classroom.
Systems may work in conjunction with smart
boards, document cameras and other
PC Service:
instructional equipment
Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching
Student response system that allows students
to interact with the lecture material in class by Classroom Response Systems (“Clickers”)
responding to questions posed by the, also used to keep attendance
Software keeps track of clicker responses
E-How Overview of Types of Digital Pens:
Transfers notes to your digital device handwriting to text where it can be
modified and used in other applications
Captures audio as you write allowing playback
Bright Hub Education Smart ways to use the
Interactive whiteboard that uses touch detection
for user input (pen, finger, etc.)
SMART Board:
Operates as part of a system including the
interactive whiteboard, computer, a projector and

Tool Name

 Small, lightweight mobile computer typically using

Video Cameras

^ top

touchscreen technology and onscreen keyboard
Wireless internet connectivity, Wi-Fi
Camera for photos and video

 Mobile phone functions such as messaging, email, social media
 Downloadable apps such as games and utilities
 Pocket Video Camera - portable, quick start,
ideal for short videos
 Phone Camera – photos, short videos
 Web Camera – stream live video feed to a

Examples/Classroom Use
Apple IPad in Education:

Edudemic 43 Surprising Ways to Use Video
Cameras in the Classroom: