Using Technology to Create

E-Tech Tools

There are numerous software applications available for instructors to use as a means to effectively package course content, to appeal to learners with various learning styles, and to integrate audio/visual elements into lessons (especially within online courses).

For information on a variety of programs, required platforms to support those programs, program features, and directions for downloading/accessing the programs, click here: e-Tech Tools


Infographics, or information graphics, are visual ways to represent data and ideas.    These tools are a great way to introduce and explain ideas and concepts to students as well as a way that students can express their knowledge to you.  Click on Infographics to take a look at what to do with Infographics and tools to create them.

MindMapping Tools

Mindmapping tools are great ways for you or your students  to brainstorm or show connections between content and events. This page on Mindmapping highlights how and why to use them as well as some great online Mindmapping Tools.

Presentation Tools

Presentation tools increase the functionality of your presentations.  Adding music, images, videos and motion to presentations can Jazz up your presentations. Use these presentation tools to jazz up your presentations or have students present their projects in new and innovative ways.

Publication Tools

Have students create their own virtual newspapers, magazines, or other publications for a project in your classroom. These publication tools can also be used to create newsletters for your program division or classroom!


Student use of Creation Tools

One of the best things to do with technology is to get it into the hands of your students and let them show you what they know using these technological tools. Students can surprise you when they are given the chance to use their creativity and own ideas. Encourage your students to create!  Project Based Learning is a great teaching method that is based on learning through projects in the classroom.  Click here to learn more about Project Based Learning (PBL).  If you have questions on how to create a meaningful project that incorporates technology please contact the Academic Excellence & Development office via email at

When looking at different online tools that are available to us we realize the numerous accounts and passwords that we could create (or already have). To be sensitive to our students and their possible reluctance to create more accounts, give students options and let them choose the tools that they use.

In you have any questions about these, or other technological tools, please contact the Academic Excellence & Development office at at