Adjunct Faculty Handbook 2017-18

Adjunct Faculty Handbook 2017-18

Western Adjunct Faculty Handbook, 2017-2018

Adjunct Faculty Handbook
Welcome to Western!
Western’s Mission: Western Technical College provides relevant, high quality education, in a
collaborative and sustainable environment, that changes the lives of students and grows our
We can only achieve our mission because we have dedicated, competent, and caring employees.
Thank you to those who have done so much and welcome to those who join our team.

Adjunct Professional Expectations
A teaching assignment includes course preparation, delivery of material, and student assessment.
Adjunct instructors are expected to adhere to Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) & Western’s
Faculty Quality Assurance System (FQAS) requirements. Adjunct instructors are encouraged to attend
professional development activities and college-wide meetings.

Western Values
We value the success of our students and hold ourselves accountable for providing excellence in student
learning, based on the diverse needs of each student and built on a foundation of integrity, teamwork, and
respect. The core values drive our educational endeavors at the college:
Learning; Excellence; Accountability; Diversity; Student Success; Teamwork; Integrity; Respect

Care of Others – We serve others with courtesy, kindness, respect and compassion.
Attitude – We are all responsible for creating a positive, essential experience at Western.
Professional Appearance – We represent Western and respect those we serve by modeling
proper grooming and appropriate dress, and in taking care of our facilities. See the table listing
examples of appropriate attire is in the Employee Handbook page 70.
● Communication – We talk, listen, and interact with others in a way that is consistent with our
values. Commitment – We rely on one another to consistently and collaboratively achieve our
mission every day.
For an organizational chart of Western, go to
For more information on Western’s history, please visit

Equal Employment Opportunity
Western Technical College is an equal employment opportunity employer. Your rights as an employee
follows the federal guidelines, which are outlined in the Employee Handbook, page 21. Go to Employee
Handbook If you have any further questions you may contact our human resources department Jody
Jablonski at 608-789-6240 or .


Work Hours and Assignments for Adjunct Faculty
Adjunct instructors provide a valuable contribution to the learning environment at Western Technical
College. Adjunct instructors are assigned courses in support of Western’s commitment to excellence.
Adjunct faculty assignments will be coordinated between divisions and will be transparent, and
documented. Adjunct faculty are not required but are encouraged to hold office hours. For further
questions please see your Division office, Jackie Kettner-Sieber at (608) 789-6233 or at
Adjunct faculty assignment parameters:

Supporting student learning and preserving quality of instruction will be priority considerations in
creating faculty assignments.
Adjunct teaching opportunities will be filled as appropriate for the course based on the discretion
of the Dean of the Division.
Documentation of workload assignments is the supervisor’s responsibility.

Adjunct Teaching Assignments
Adjunct Faculty Maximum Hours/Contact Hours per Individual Adjunct
FY 14-15 (16 weeks)

FY 15-16 (15 weeks)

Credit and Non-credit courses
(does not include credit courses
taught through Business and Industry)

12 hours per week

12 hours per week

Business and Industry Services,
Short-term instructional academies,
institutes, etc.

432 hours (1 course
hour = 2.25 hours

405 hours (1 course
hour = 2.25 hours

Course Outcome Summary
When you are hired to teach a course, you should be given a course outcome summary (COS). There are
course outcomes written for each course that defines what the students need to learn in each course.
You can find those outcomes through our WIDS system. These Course Outcome Summaries (COS), will
be listed by class.
First you go to the WIDS login site at: Once you’re
there, you’ll have to enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD; then it should open to the classes. (your
username is the your last name first initial, password is the same password to get into your email
account) Use the Search feature to find your class. If you have any trouble getting into this area, contact
your mentor, or your division office for help.

Textbooks are assigned by programs and divisions. If your course has a textbook, you will be provided
with a copy after you are hired. If you were not, contact your division office. If you are employed at one of
our Regional Learning Centers, contact the administrative assistant at that center.
The Cavalier Campus Shop is located on the first floor of the Kumm Center on the La Crosse campus. In
addition to all the textbooks for classes at Western, you will also find competitively-priced school and
office supplies and a whole host of Western imprinted items. Employees may receive a 25% discount


when purchasing Western wear. You can find out more about the services and hours at:

Western uses Blackboard as a classroom management system. All instructors are encouraged to use
Blackboard for each course to communicate with students. To get started with Blackboard go to
There are many training sessions involved with all of Blackboard’s capabilities. To find out what opportunities are available go to At any time, all questions particular to Blackboard can be sent to Syllabus Requirements Each class should have a syllabus supplied for each student. The syllabus should be a guide for all students and include all class policies. Your division office and mentor will assist you with writing a syllabus. You should also be able to access a “shared” syllabus already created by faculty you can copy, in WIDS (World-Wide Instructional Design System). If you need to create a syllabus in WIDS, this link will take you to a You Tube video called “Syllabus Overview” showing you how to do this. (Scroll down to where videos start and start with video If you want to read about the process, this link will take you to a pdf handout Syllabus Essentials This document will give you a step-by-step guide to build your syllabus in WIDS. Instruction Modes The instruction mode refers to the way the class is delivered. The mode definitions are listed below. AC – Accelerated: The content of accelerated classes is condensed into a shorter time frame, which requires more work for the student in a shorter amount of time. This is accomplished using specific memory strategies, visualization and suggestion techniques, music, and environmental peripherals to elicit the improved learning results. It is not a faster way to receive a degree, just a different approach. BL: Blended – These classes combine traditional face-to-face classroom instruction with some online instruction. Actual class meeting times are reduced and online work is integrated into the course. The student is required to use their Western e-mail address and have access to a computer with Internet access in order to fully participate and receive the benefits of the course. IB – IDL/Blended: These classes combine IDL and blended learning components. The IDL classes may originate from any one of our seven campuses and students participate through the use of television cameras and microphones in the classroom. The blended component of the classes includes online work that is integrated into the IDL format. Actual class meeting times may be reduced. The student is required to use their Western email address and have access to a computer with Internet access in order to fully participate and receive the benefits of the course. IDL - Interactive Distance Learning: IDL classes originate at any of our seven campuses. Through television cameras and microphones, students are able to participate in classes that are available at more than one campus location. L – Open Lab: Open Lab classes are for individuals who are self-motivated and do not require the structure of a face-to-face classroom experience. 3 OL – Online: These classes can be taken anywhere at any time of the day. The student is required to have access to a computer with reliable Internet. There no is on-campus requirement unless clearly communicated in advance in the class schedule. Students will be required to adhere to assignment deadlines and have regular online participation and interaction with the instructor and fellow students. P – In-Person: Traditional face to face class, which may require some online work. Class Roster Students are not allowed to attend any classes for which they are not officially registered. Students whose names are not listed on the class roster printed from MyWestern should be referred to Enrollment Services in the Welcome Center immediately. The short cut is to access it on WIRE If you look to the bottom, right; you’ll see, “Class Roster w/ Western student email” click on this link, fill out the appropriate fields and it will take you to your roster. If you are having troubles, contact your division office or your mentor. There is also a section that will give you an introduction to PowerCampus and a number of E-Training opportunities where you will be able to locate and generate a roster for your courses. Calendar Western is on a trimester calendar in which each term is 15 weeks in length. To assist with your planning of course materials and presentations the academic calendar/s are located on Faculty Website
College Calendars
Important Dates/Calendar Refer to the Registrar’s Calendar for when ● grades are due (GD) (4:00 pm) ● incomplete grades change to an F ● advising and registration begins ● beginning and ending dates of term ● graduation is scheduled Class Cancellations ● While it’s the expectation that you hold classes as scheduled, cancellations sometimes do occur. If this is the case there are a few things you should do. For further questions contact your mentor or Division office. ● If the college is closed due to inclement weather it will be communicated via radio and television stations, Western email, Western’s Facebook page and Western’s twitter account. You can also be added to their text message alert system. Contact PC Services for more information: Field Trips/Off Campus Classes Check with your division office on the procedures and coordination for field trips, alternate locations on campus or off campus classes. Due to security reasons, the campus must be accountable for student and faculty whereabouts during scheduled class times. 4 Grading Policy Western’s grading policy helps to clarify a student’s academic standing. Contact your mentor or program chair for further questions. As far as grading goes, a Western’s scale looks like: Grade Grade Points A 4.0 AB 3.5 B 3 BC 2.5 C 2.0 D 1.0 F 0 FX 0.0 (see policy) F1 0.0 (see policy) INC Incomplete AUD Audit T Transfer Credit CR* Pass/No Pass or credit granted for challenge exam W Withdraw (see policy) See the policy for definitions and additional information Posting Grades Western uses a system called PowerCampus. You can access it at with your MyWestern username and password. There is a section that will give you an introduction to PowerCampus and a number of ETraining opportunities. This is where you will be able to locate how to post grades for your courses. Your mentor and division office can also assist with posting grades. Also check the school calendar for when grades are due at the Faculty web page in the “Calendar” box or you may locate this on WIRE. Privacy/FERPA Students have certain rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) concerning their school records. Visit Western’s FERPA Training.Contact Shelley McNeely for further questions (608) 785-9880 or email at Dropping/Adding Students Faculty can no longer drop a student for nonattendance. Please instruct a non-attending student to initiate an official drop at MyWestern or in person at the Welcome Center on the La Crosse Campus. For further questions contact your mentor, Division office or 5 Academic Dishonesty Keeping things truthful is an important part of being a responsible member of any community.Academic Dishonesty is taken very seriously at the college. Contact Shelley McNeely for further questions (608) 785-9880 or email at Student Conduct In the classroom and in all aspects of college life, our goal is to provide the best opportunity for student success for all. The College will take action to prevent and stop any negative behavior that inhibits learning. Learn more in Western’s Online Student Rights and Concerns or in print. Contact Shelley McNeely for further questions (608) 785-9880 or email at Student Services/Welcome Center The Welcome Center on the La Crosse campus is a central hub where students will have access to many essential services. The staff will direct students to everyone they need to meet, including career counselors, financial aid staff, and enrollment advisors. Within the Welcome Center is Admissions, Advising, Career Services, Cashier, Counseling, Disability Services, Enrollment Services/Registration, and Financial Aid. Contact the Welcome Center at (608)-7859200. At the Regional Locations, any of the administrative personnel can help or get you in contact with the appropriate person. Academic Help for Students ● Learning Commons – The Learning Commons is located in the Academic Resource Center building (ARC) R-122 and provides free academic support to currently enrolled students. Instructors provide individualized help/guidance for students in the areas of reading, writing, study skills, and more. Some peer tutoring is also available. ● Math Center – The Math Center provides many services including independent study courses, personalized help with math and physics assignments, test proctoring for online math courses, and access to computers with mathematical software. ● Library – In addition to typical library functions, the library offers group study rooms, wireless access, reference help and a computer lab. ● Online Writing Center – The Online Writing Center (OWC) features an online tutor that allows students to submit writing assignments to Communication Skills instructors in order to receive feedback about their writing. The OWC also features a writer’s handbook and Wink (an online journal that contains sample essays, speeches and other documents). AND….go to our Faculty web page at Student Referrals for Counseling Services Start by going to our Faculty web page and click on “Adjunct Faculty.” There is an Early Referral Form and a “When to Refer” guideline listed there. You can also call the counseling area at 608-785-9553. You can also check out for more options. Your mentor can also be helpful in deciding when to refer students. Students with Disabilities If a student with a documented disability is requesting accommodations in your class, you will receive a confidential informational letter from Disability Services. If a student requests services from you directly and you have not received this letter, please refer them to the Disability Services Office in the Academic 6 Resources Center (ARC) Room 154 or call 608-785-9875 or 608-785-9257. If you have questions on how this may impact your classroom, you can also contact: Kristina Stellpflug – Disability Specialist at: or your mentor. The following link will provide you with information for working with a student with a disability. Library Western’s Library is located on the second floor of the Academic Resource Center, R-201. On the La Crosse campus. A variety of resources, including books, periodicals, pamphlets, and other materials, support the academic programs at Western. Many of these items are available in electronic format, including reference materials, periodicals, and an array of electronic books. The Library staff conducts a variety of library instruction sessions for students, faculty and the campus community. These sessions are generally faculty requested, course-related instructional sessions that are research oriented and examine library resources and services. Faculty and students have found these sessions to be extremely helpful. For library services and hours go to Course Evaluations Course evaluations will be expected to be administered at the end of each course, and the feedback will be used to support student learning and quality instruction. Your division office will contact you regarding course evaluations Dropping/Adding Students Faculty can no longer drop a student for nonattendance. Please instruct a non-attending student to initiate an official drop at MyWestern or in person at the Welcome Center on the La Crosse Campus. For further questions contact your mentor, Division office or Western ID Badge and Parking Pass You can get your Western ID and parking pass in the Student Development Office in the Kumm Center (La Crosse Campus, Rm 100). At the RLCs contact the office staff and they can take your picture and have your badge created, then sent to whichever campus you prefer. The Western ID is primarily used for security and access to campus buildings. Parking passes are only needed on the La Crosse Campus and may be obtained through the Student Life Office located on first floor of the Kumm Center. There is a cost for a parking permit determining how many terms you work. If you teach in the evening, you will not be required to have a parking permit after 5:00 pm or on Saturdays. If you are an online only instructor wanting to have a Western ID, please contact Human Resources at 608-785-9077 to aid you with this process. Note: Check your city for local discounts using your Western ID Maps Western operates seven regional locations: Independence, Black River Falls, Mauston, Tomah, Sparta Public Safety, Sparta Adult Learning Center, and Viroqua. Maps of the campuses are available at 7 Building Codes/Abbreviations A=Administrative Center ATC=Automotive Technologies Center B=Business Education Center C=Coleman Center D=Diesel Center G=Horticulture Education Center HSC=Health Science Center K=Kumm Center L=Lunda Center R=Academic Resource Center T=Integrated Technology Center W=Welding & Apprenticeship Facility For other abbreviations use on campus, go to Keys/Classroom Access Work with your mentor, dean and or associate dean prior to starting your class to make sure the division office has been notified when and where you’ll need access. During the hiring process a key or access routine should be arranged. At the Regional Learning Centers (RLCs), you’ll be able to check in with the front office staff for help. In La Crosse, you can pick up any emergency phone (located in each building) and ask security to come open your room (there is nothing to dial, simply pick up the phone and you’ll get through). Pay To view your pay advice, go to the Business Portal on WIRE and click on PowerCampus HR or to the Payroll website and click on Business Portal (by clicking on Business Portal on the Payroll Website, which takes you back to WIRE). For directions on using the Business Portal, click on How to Use Business Portal. Submit timecard for additional variable hour teaching assignments due in the Payroll office by the 4th and 26th of the month paid on the 15th and last working day of the month. Any additional work that is paid from a timecard due in the Payroll office by the 4th and/or the 20th of the month paid on the 15th or the end of the month payroll. Please consult the Payroll website for due dates for time cards and payment dates. The website also has a Frequently Asked Questions area that may answer any other payroll questions. Other questions can be directed to Sharon Kramer in Payroll at: , 608-785-9122. The web link for more information is: Computer Services You will have access to e-mail and office application software. The system is also a primary resource used for scheduling appointments and meetings and maintaining calendars. In short, it is the College’s official and primary means of communication. You can access your Western email by going to the Faculty web page at: the email icon is at the top of the page. In La Crosse, there are printers throughout the departments, but check with your mentor, dean or program chair to find out the policy on utilizing them. At the RLCs each classroom should have a computer you will use for class. 8 Wireless Options: Wireless network connections are not available campus wide. There are a few areas on campus which have wireless connections available to anyone. This connection is named Western Guest. If you use this connection, you will not be able to access any of the Western network drives. There are a few areas on campus which provide a wireless network connection for Western owned equipment (i.e. staff or departmental laptops). This connection is named Technet Wireless and is restricted. Check with the Regional Learning Centers on their requirements/passwords for wireless options. Western uses a system called PowerCampus. You can access it at using your MyWestern username and password. There is a section that will give you an introduction to PowerCampus and a number of ETraining opportunities. This is where you will be able to locate how to access student information such as grades and rosters Information about computers, printers, networking and IP phone questions can be found at: or by calling 608-789- 6266 or email If you are employed at one of our Regional Learning Centers, contact the administrative assistant at that center for additional assistance. Equipment Problems In an organization the size of Western, occasionally something goes wrong with the buildings, equipment, etc. You may be given specific instructions by your supervisor on whom to contact for special equipment. If not, the following personnel will at least give you a start in trying to determine how to fix the problem. If there is an online work order system/email, please utilize that first. ● ● ● ● Copy machine problems – call the 800 number located on the machine for service Computer, printing, network, or telephone issues - email or call PC Service at 608-789-6266 Physical Plant concerns (heat, light, ventilation, electrical, plumbing), contact Maintenance at 608-304-0639 Custodial Services - use the online work order system by clicking on “Online Work Order Request” at Physical Plant Website; snow clearance, grounds maintenance, etc., contact the Custodial Supervisor at 608-785-9109 Audio and video equipment (classroom)- email or contact the help desk at 608-785-9107 Copies/Administrative Services Western uses an off campus copy center- Digi-Copy. Check with your mentor, division office or program chair for any further copying instructions. The link for Digi-Copy is located on You can get your username and password for Digi-Copy from your division office. At the RLCs you can have the front office staff help you with copies. Security The Security Office, located in Kumm Center, Room 100, is dedicated to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment to the campus, which in turn provides a secure learning environment. The College’s security 9 force patrols the La Crosse campus throughout the day and night. In the evenings, in La Crosse, Security can chaperone individuals to their cars upon request. ● ● La Crosse Campus security: 608-785-9191 or pick up one of the campus information/security phones to request an escort Regional Center security: notify the front office staff at your regional campus Western uses RAVE System to send out emergency alerts to our students and staff. You may find out more about this service or sign up for this alert service by clicking on sign up. Safety Procedures Western has designated procedures to follow in case of most emergencies that could happen on campus. Although not every conceivable situation is addressed, the guidelines can assist students, staff, faculty and visitors cope with most campus emergencies. All students, staff faculty and visitors are expected to follow the established procedures to the best of their ability. Western will regularly test the emergency drills including annual testing of evacuation procedures. Guides are in every classroom and office on all Western campuses. They’re also published annually in Western’s Annual Security And Fire Report and Policy Statement. Emergencies In the case of an emergency, immediately dial 911 and then contact the appropriate Western personnel. ● ● ● At the La Crosse Campus, notify Security at 608-785-9191. At the Regional Centers, notify the front office staff at the campus Emergency Procedure Guide should be posted in each classroom and office spaces Incident Report Document student and staff injuries, suspicious students, and student conduct violations. It’s now federal law that sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking be reported (victim can remain anonymous). Contact Shelley McNeely for further questions (608) 785-9880 or email at If an incident occurs in the classroom, you may contact security or your direct supervisor to discuss the manner about it. We request an online incident form be completed to report the incident. This Incident Report link will direct you to the online form button located at the bottom of the page Drug and Alcohol Policy Western is a Drug-free School/Workplace-any violation of this policy should be referred to the Student Life Office. Smoking is permitted on the “Courtesy Zone” located between 7th Street and Badger Street and Vine Street on the La Crosse campus. Check for information about our Tobacco-Free campus and “Courtesy Zones” by clicking on the Tobacco Free Campus tab at: Emergencies In the case of an emergency, immediately dial 911 and then contact the appropriate Western personnel. 10 ● ● At the La Crosse Campus, notify Security at 608-785-9191. At the Regional Centers, notify the front office staff at the campus. Course Observations Every adjunct instructor will be observed while instructing. The schedules for these observations vary by division. Your division office will contact you with your scheduled observations. Mentors/Coaches Each adjunct faculty will be assigned a mentor from their division office. Your mentor will contact you to review a list of items and any questions you may have. If you did not receive a mentor, please contact the administrative assistant from your divisional or Regional Learning Center Office. Western has also established a Mentor Program, which is specific to teaching and learning. If your direct supervisor has not referred you to this program, discuss your interest with them or contact Stacy Mitchell, Western has a number of resources and faculty members to assist you with any instructional technology questions. See the list of coaches here One area that will be very helpful is the Academic Excellence and Development. You can also click on the Adjunct box on our Faculty Webpage for more information: The Academic Excellence and Development Center, is a resource you can turn to for any questions you might have related to teaching and learning. Feel free to drop by the Center, located in Coleman 248, between 8am-4pm, or reach out to: Larry Sleznikow, Instructional Technologist, 608-789-2065 Faculty Quality Assurance System/Certification All faculty and many of the professional and administrative employees at Western must be certified by the Wisconsin Technical College System Board. Adjunct faculty must complete the FQAS process in five years from the initial hire date. Certification questions can be referred to Sarah Jackson at 608-789-6253 or Jackie Kettner-Sieber at: or call 608-789-6233. Check out: for more information. Professional Development/Training Western encourages all employees to participate in workshops, conferences, seminars, programs and division meetings. Go to to to see the current opportunities. Additional opportunities geared towards adjunct faculty continue to be developed and may be linked to your obtainment for Faculty Quality Assurance System (FQAS) which is tied to your teaching certification. To receive approval or funding, contact your Division office or Jackie Kettner-Sieber for further information at (608) 789-6233 or at The college tries to keep two hours free of classes each week during terms so faculty, staff and students can have regular open hours for meetings and training. 11 Regional Center Contacts Go to our Faculty web page Click on the Adjunct Box and you’ll find a link to the RLC info. There is also a contact sheet located on this site under General Western Information- “Contact Information” or click on for more information. Additional information for all adjunct at For a full review of an employee handbook, go to Wire under Handbooks. 12