2016 Spring Communications Student SLO Assessment Survey

2016 Spring Communications Student SLO Assessment Survey

Core Abilities Spring 2016 Student SLO Report
Spring 2016

May 2, 2016

Q6 - As a result of this program: I have learned effective communication skills.



Strongly Disagree






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Q7 - Provide any comments you have on effective communication skills you
The best example I can think is the use of email and instant messaging. These are things I hardly ever did
before, but now they are almost second nature to me.
I have learned that there are may different people in the world and it is important to communicate effectively
with all of them, including those that might be rude. I learned how to professionally communicate and how to
use active listening skills when communicating.
I have learned how to work through difficult situations. I have learned how to present professionally in front of
people. I have learned how to work with people in a group.
It's important to know how to use all sorts of technology. Everyone communicates differently.
speaking professionally and usage of grammar.
I have always been scared about my writing and speaking in front of others. I am not comfortable doing these
We learned the many ways to effectively communicate,
Interviewing skills
More open to discussions
I learned to speak verbally, written and in many ways.
Team work, collaberation

That was mainly due to my speech class.
Interacting with classmates everyday in classes.
Before I started my program, I would have cringed at the thought of writing more than a paragraph or so.
We had to give presentations in our Occupational skills class and thoroughly explain how certain systems
worked with Intro to PLCs and in our Industrial Controls class so communication has been a big part of this
XXX pushes us to really be orginized and communicate properly
I learned terms that will be used on a daily basis at a work setting.
Just taking the time to communicate with the instructors helped to increase communication skills. Students
also needed to communicate with one another to complete some assignments.
This program has many group components which force you to communicate and strengthen your
communication skills.
I learned alot in the program about communication. Whether a question be answered through email, phone
call, text, or face-to-face meeting. I also learned a lot about the different Microsoft programs including Excel,
Word, Publisher, Access and Power Point! It really utilized all that we were told it would encompass at the start
of the program!
Working in some of the group projects that were assigned does force you to communicate well with others so
that everyone understands the common goal and steps to accomplish them together.
I have learned to be more proactive in asking questions if something may not make since.
This program taught me proper communication skills in ways I had never thought about.
I learned the importance of active listening skills, and body language.
I learned multiple ways to get information from people without asking question after question. We learned
motivational interviewing and that allowed me to be aware of myself when I am asking questions. It also
emphasized eye contact and not being discriminatory towards people that I may encounter.
I have learned to use proper body language, interviews skills, and understanding of boundaries issues with the
Human Services Program.
I was able to learn various techniques of active listening, proper body language and facial expressions, and ways
to engage clients with whom I am speaking with. More so, I was able to practice and apply these techniques
through mock situations that were done in classes.
How to communication with other in different level.
I have learned to be more active with my listening skills and also really listening to the person.
I learned how to communicate with clients better. This was a huge learning skill for me.
Validating someone's feelings can really help you connect with a person because it shows that you are listening to
the person and genuinely care about what they have to say.
During many of the courses, XXX taught us essential communication skills to the human services field.

You can't your doubts about your confidentiality hold you back.
XXX always had us working on effective communication skills
To not be afraid to communicate in a professional manner when something you feel is not right.
I feel that I already had effective communication skills.
Helped me become more professional when dealing with patients
I have learned the most about effective communication skills from the clinical portion of this program. We
didn't do a lot of communication skills during any of the face to face classes.
Blackboard is a great help when it comes to communication skills with your professors and classmates.
The program really teaches you how to communicate on a professional level about topics that are sensitive and
can be upsetting that I wouldn't have normally been able to respond with as well.
I learned how I should better communicate amongst patients and with preceptors while out at the clinic.
You are always communicating with classmates and making mock situations so you get comfortable
I am a more comftorable with effective communication
Always be professional when communicating with others, especially those you do not know
I feel I am a pretty good communicator but I have improved by learning proper documentation techniques.
Being able to communicate patient needs with the multidisiplinary team. Communicating changes to plan of care
and providing effective patient teaching to the client as well as, family members. Effectively communicating with
LPN and AP regarding patient need and delagation.
I feel this program has provide with the proper skills to effectivly communication as a nurse.
I have learned a lot about therapeutic communication and how to effectively interact with my patients.
I possessed positive communication skills before entering this program and maintained them throughout.
However, I am saddened to say that there are a number of instructors whose communication skills could use
My effective communication has improved because of this program
I feel like SBAR was stressed a lot during my last two semesters. I feel like it could be implemented more
throughout the program however.
It is always useful I feel to see different approaches to effective communication. I know as a result of having gone
through this program that I'm a more effective communicator and listener.
The only communication skills that I learned that were new to me include using the write jargon when discussing
information either with a patient or with a cohort. Many communication skills I brought with me into this course,
but I did learn a little more about cultural sensitivity, crisis communication, and proper documentation. I have
some concerns as they relate to communication techniques with providers as I feel that some techniques are
highly submissive and not on par with professional peer-to-peer communication. This may simply be a fault of the
health care system as a whole and the evolving role of nursing as a profession.

I have learned to communicate effectively with providers and patients during clinicals.
Able to critically think and communicate that information to peers.
I believe I have a more tactful approach with clients
I was taught how to properly communicate with my nursing peers.
I feel that I was able to learn how to effectively communicate with my patients as well as other nursing staff and
patients families. I really wish we would have had more practice on communicating with other providers and
members of the healthcare team.
I wish that we had more opportunities to learn or practice communicating with doctors, orders, and other
members of the healthcare team aside from nursing staff. I also wish that there were more hands on. I,
personally, am going into fourth semester and have yet to accomplish any skills outside of lab. This is scary to me
knowing that I will be a practicing nurse in less than a month. Hence my earlier suggestion of not being in the
long-term care setting for a trimester and a half.
I have had many experiences communicating with patients and their families. I have gained more confidence in
myself with each experience. I have learned that their are many ways to teach and things to teach about.
I do believe this program changes the way one thinks and I feel it has given me more communication skills that
will benefit me in my life and my career.
I have had to rely heavily on my peers and forge friendships as teachers have been unreliable most times; I've had
some iffy situations during clinical that I have had to approach calmly and professionally.
I am better able to explain things to my patients and help them with teaching.
I have learned a lot about talking with other health care staff during clinical experiences
Teach back method
This program has helped me to communicate with my employer and co-workers and has helped me network
myself with employers and businesses beyond the area.
How to communicate with others in a professional manner has improved greatly
Understanding the diversity of people.
I have learned a lot
this course made me better at strategically telling people what is wrong with their car. what would happen next
if they don't get it fixed.
The general classes we took helped with my communication. Also, some of presentations in front of class
helped too.
I learn the importance of professionalism.
I learned how to effectively communicate in college.
The communication between other group members was special. Hangout really made a difference in
communicating with other classmates.

I enhanced my communication skills but I did not learn anything new about communication because I was
already very effective with communication.
I've learned how to voice my opinions within a group and provide feedback.
We were required to communicate with instructors and peers in every class and that was really important.
Throughout the program I have learned many effective communication skills.
I feel I am ok, with my communication skills with co-workers and team members however I feel I still lack the
confidence that my degree will do good for me and that I don't feel looked down on because I did not go to a
We had to network a lot in one of the last classes and I thought that was great. This has helped me for the
This program really helped me develop professionally with way I act and write.
I wouldn't say that I haven't learned any communication skills, but I know I learned more on my job than in the
I have learned how to work with other people that I do not effectively enough to ensure work gets done.
Within in the program it has showed me that in order for me to reach my goal I need to communicate with
others in a clear matter and know when to ask for help be fore its too late.
I love to talk and going into this profession truly enhances it
Through clinicals and some lab check offs I was able to learn how to effectively communicate with patients.
It has helped me talk people more effectively.
Learned to work with a group
I don't know
Communication is key!
teachers in all portions of the class only focused on the kids they liked
I feel that I can order parts better and explain problems better.
I learned how to work efficiently with other people and put what I did on a work order.
I have learned to communicate more effectively.
I learned effective skills in interacting with customers and drivers.
My writing has vastly improved since I started attending.
I learned each and every way to communicate in a professional manner.

Speech and current events were very helpful.
Professor XXXXX leads a lesson to prepare for both presentation of the portfolio and job interviews. I believe
I've learned a bit more than expected about how to answer some difficult interview questions.
I learned to open more to my peers and speak more clear so they understand what I'm saying.
I'm aa timid shy kid back in high school, but here i feel at home with the instructors and students allowing me
build up my confidence and self-esteem. Even though i'm still a bit anti-social to the outside world, it'd helped a
Speech class was awesome
I have certainly gained some communication skills, I feel that I am not where I would like to be though

being able to express my opinions in critiques.
speech class is almost not needed when we are taking classes like training and development
Already a strong communicator, but courses have improved my confidence in presentations and creating
Practicing basic communication skills was encouraged-power point presentations in class, etc.
Speech class, technical reporting, and just learning to interact with fellow classmates and instructors have
made communication with people easier than when I started the program.
Learned the basic way to communicate professionally in the It environment. Mostly while interacting with your
instructor or classmates.
I learned to work better in groups and my writing skills greatly improved.
I've always been pretty good about communicating effectively, but there wasn't much this program did for me
in that regard.
Being a non-traditional student (NTS), I had effective communication skills prior to studying this program,
however, XX. XXXXX was excellent at educating us how to properly present our designs to customers. XX.
XXXXX also invited different guest speakers to help us understand the keys of communication.
Through my experiences, I have become an excellent speaker and communicator, but through this program,
little progress was made in furthering my skills. Others may have furthered their skills, but I feel that I am at a
point where I cannot build up much more with my skills. I did however LOVE competing in PAS where I am
nationally ranked for the employment interviewing process.
The Speech class that we have as a requirement felt fairly useless since we present our designs and projects in
all of our other classes anyways. I feel that the Speech class requirement could be put to better use as an
irrigation class, refresher course, or even another level of Landscape Maintenance.
We did a lot of presentations throughout the two years, and focused heavily on communicating what we
learned to clients and in job interviews. I think I managed to get my last two jobs because of these skills.
I have learned how to give good presentations to clients.
It was helpful to learn how to email in a business format as that is what happens when you enter the real
We do a LOT of group work, so that forces you to learn how to communicate with coworkers appropriately. We
also wrote a lot of really in depth reports, so that was great practice as well.

I learned to always back up what I say with follow up information and that i can't just say something without
supporting it.
I practice these on a daily basis in my new career.
Public speaking skills Interview mannerisms
I have learned how to write press releases, social media posts, and overall papers.
Listening, presenting, writing, verbal, nonverbal
speech class
Continue to have students present projects in front of peers
I learned to give presentations, and feel more comfortable. I also feel as though I learned the technical terms
to speak in so that ideas are communicated more effectively.
We worked together as groups many times and developed communication skills through classroom activities as
well as clinical experience
Practicals prepared us for real life patient care/communication.
I have learned to speak with doctors more openly and without being nervous to do so.
I have learned to have more confidence.
I am not a shy person by any means, and I have medical experience, so I don't think the program can take credit
for my communication skills. However, I can see how they go out of the way to improve the skills of those who
struggle with this (i.e. mandatory MD contacts, giving shift report, etc.).
I learned confidence in the spoken word and strength and quality in the written word.
Through this program, I have been pushed to be more active in my communications. I have come out of my
shell over the course of this program, and I have the program to thank for that.
I have learned how to be a better public speaker. I have also learned how communicate more effectively at
customer service and working with customers.
Taking the classes has allowed me to speak confidently about subjects that we have learned. I am more able to
contribute to conversations at work.
At the beginning of the course, a lot of speeches and presentations were mandatory for every class. This
allowed me to become a more effective public speaker.
I'm way more out going and not as shy or nervous, in both staff and patient communication. I think one of the
things that helped me with that was when we had to introduce ourselves to our preceptors and state our
objectives to them. It was awkward for me to get used to, but I'm glad we were made to do it.
Meeting and working with new people and also communicating my needs
I have learned to use my voice and vocalize my concerns, especially when it came to questions regarding the
classroom things as well as in clinical settings.
I have learned a lot about communication skills throughout my previous jobs, but this program also did focus
on learning to communicate with others and that did really help in the long run.
This program forces you to get over any fear you have with public speaking or talking with people you don't
know. Presenting in class and practicing teaching really helps with that, even though it may be difficult.
I learned how to effectively speak to patients as well as my superiors in the OR.

We learned the importance of communication both as a class and as a surgical team in the OR.
Speech and Multimedia Presentation helped me with my communication skills.
The skills I have learned here have really made me feel better about going to an interview with confidence.
Well I have always had stage freight but I've learned a lot.