2016 Spring Ethically Diversity Student SLO Assessment Survey

2016 Spring Ethically Diversity Student SLO Assessment Survey

Core Abilities Spring 2016 Student SLO Report
Spring 2016

May 2, 2016

Q8 - As a result of this program: I have learned to value myself and work ethically
with others in a diverse population.



Strongly Disagree






Neither Agree nor Disagree






Strongly Agree






Q9 - Provide any comments valuing yourself and working ethically with
others in a diverse population.
I work well with others.
I already had this quality going into the program, but if I did not have it I would say it would have taught me
how to do so.
La Crosse is the least diverse city I've ever been to. In two years of this program, I never once saw an African
American patient. Not one single time.
You always need to stay positive
Again, nothing learned at this school
I have learned that in some religions and countries there are certain customs to follow to be respectful.
I have worked in a class of different people and have learned to deal with different learning styles and work
No Comment
Realized that I can do what I want and do it good.
Xxxxxx did a lecture on sustainability i think alot of the students found it interesting
There is a variety of people who go into this program and have different goals of what they want to do when
they finish.

The program does a lot of diversity training! I think it is much needed.
Yes I do value myself and my opinion, time, needs, wants as well as that of others when I am involved in a
teamwork or group effort setting. In a professional setting you need to have all of these skills and learning
them in these courses is very helpful!
I proved to myself that i could do this and the ethics I already practice in my everyday life.
there were many opportunities in this program to work in small groups on projects and it gives you a good
perspective on what working with groups of people may be like in the workforce.
That everyone as a unique background, and not to assume anything.
I value myself much more now than I did before. And I have more of a knowledge and value of others in diverse
I have learned that not everyone is judging me. I have learned to embrace the differences among people and
respect that others have beliefs different than mine.
It is a good idea to link together and learn more about other's backgrounds
Through returning to school, I was able to build on my confidence- I proved to myself that I have the ability to
succeed. Through field placements, I was able to prove that I can work with a variety of people without passing
judgment and knowing that anyone, at anytime can make the choice to change and/or do better for themselves
and their lives.
This program help me to love working with diverse population that I have never work with.
I used to be a very judgmental person this program allowed me to accept more people and learn more about
culture. I have grown so much as a person because of this.
I have grown so much throughout the duration of this program. My confidence has soared and my passion for
the human service field is greater than it ever was.
Being able to notice your biases can help you effectively help people in a diverse population. We learned to be
open minded and value people for who they are, human beings.
I've always had a strong and ethical work ethic. Through going through the program, I realize as a human
service worker and future social worker, I will have to adhere to stricter codes of ethics and other guidelines.
I haven't really had the opportunity to work with a diverse population yet, however, I am well prepared.
I liked having classmates that are diverse from myself that would explain their culture.
I value myself more than I did when I first started and love to work with diverse populations.
It has been a good experience to go to clinical at different locations and work with many different populations.
It brings light to what it means to work professionally in all situations around all types of people.
Our world today is diverse, this is something I have been comfortable with regardless. Just be respectful to all
and if you are unsure about a culture then find out about it.
I have become more aware of my ethical beliefs and how not to judge a patient based on theirs and to respect
their beliefs.
There are a few instructors in this program who have unfortunately resulted in me having lower self-esteem
than I did prior to entering this program. For this reason, I feel as though I lack the confidence needed ot be
successful in my first nursing role.

We work with a patient regardless of any of our own prior stereotypes or opinions.
I feel I have always done this throughout my employment so I was able better to reflect and look deeper into
myself and how I approach the diverse populations I intend to serve.
I have learned to read my self much better and know when stress or depression or anxiety have reach a critical
part of my life. I have learned safe and healthy ways of dealing with my emotions in order to effectively move
beyond the "funk". I have learned to cherish my patients, even the difficult ones, so that they receive the best
care I am able to provide.
The instructors were good at making me feel valued.
My self worth has drastically increased. This program has been life changing. I can't wait to get to work.
I realize that I am braver than I thought I was! I really am capable of doing this-this program has given me much
more confidence in myself and my thinking abilities.
I have learned by valuing myself and what I believe it is easier to care for those of other diverse populations
and being able to understand their beliefs better.
In both my core classes and general studies classes I have had to interact with people of different ages, sex,
religion, and races.
My classes consist of people of different race and different backgrounds, being around them taught me so
much about people and I respect every one of them.
That Intro to Ethics class was like pulling teeth, XxXxxx Xxxxxxx is a terrible teacher. doesn't value other
people's opinion.
I can deal better with peoples crap
I feel I always will and have to.
People you thought you would not ever get along with became some of your best group members.
I already have very strong ethical standards so I did not learn anything about being ethical but I did learn more
about how to understand other people and their ethics.
Western provided a great diverse group if people and it was nice working with everyone.
I feel this is completely lacking!
This program had us doing a lot of group assignments. This has helped a lot for my future and showed me what
needs to be done.
I have much more of a drive now and I feel like I can work with just about anyone.
I have a lot more confidence in my self and my work ethic.
Learned to think before speak
kinda hard to work ethically with others when you were alone all the way through the program
I've learned to value my work ethic through work and school.
We would have many different diverse families in the day care so we had to adapt to those changes and take it
into consideration.

Not a very diverse class as far as finance goes.
I formed a bond with my classmates after 2 years of semesters together.
I learned a lot about copyright regulations in this program.
My peers gave me feedback on my projects and how to improve them, which lead to high quality projects.
Working with many different students helped me tolerate people more than ever.
I don't care what people think.
Working with classmates is encouraged and everyone is different.
Yeah, actually. I worked with a pretty diverse group in my program. I wouldn't say I "learned" it along the way,
as my time in the Navy was with an even more diverse group, but I definitely feel like I reinforced those values.
In IT you learn a lot of things that can do a lot of damage- it was nailed home that this power needs to be used
I met many other people from other cultures and learned more about their backgrounds.
There was little that the program did to make me better at this, but I didn't get worse.
I just finished 8 years army so doesn't really apply...already had the mindset so nothing really "learned."
I already have these skills and abilities. The only other comment I can put here is that I have enjoyed learning
and working with everyone at Western.
I learned how to handle diversity in landscape construction and how to use each others strengths when
working in the field. Also, knowing the proper way of completing a job and not cutting any corners was a valued
lessons. Otherwise I gained my knowledge from other groups and organizations I am involved in on campus.
While our Ethics class had nothing to do with learning how to work ethically, we did talk a lot about the ethics
of landscaping in our landscaping classes. I learned a lot of information through those especially with Joyce and
Pete. All I learned from Ethics was how to tell someone if the type of argument they were making was valid or
There were only a few people in my classes, and all of them were greatly different from me in terms of
interests, but we all worked well together and were able to accomplish some impressive projects.
I loved working in groups with my classmates.
Be yourself, and be respectful of others. The biggest thing I've learned about diverse population in this program
at clinicals, is that even though we're all in the same field...there's a different way to do just about everything.
And I've learned that one way from the other way is not wrong, it is ok to be different and for us as students to
use that to our advantage to see all the different approaches.
I am part of a team in the OR and working together is essential.
Working in this field forced you to make ethical decisions and going through this program had really helped us
grow to become better people wanting to help other people.
There is no one way of doing things, and everyone has their own way of making it easier for them. Getting
frustrated over it will not help anyone.
I learned to be confident and to be proud of my work while also recognizing faults and addressing them in
future projects.
I learned to work with different types of people and communicated with others which is important to develop a