2016 Spring Mathematics Student SLO Assessment Survey

2016 Spring Mathematics Student SLO Assessment Survey

Core Abilities Spring 2016 Student SLO Report
Spring 2016

May 2, 2016

Q8 - As a result of this program: I am able to apply mathematical concepts.



Strongly Disagree






Neither Agree nor Disagree






Strongly Agree






Q9 - Provide any comments you have on mathematical concepts you
I've always been good at math so this is a no brainer.
We didn't have a lot of mathematical concepts for this program, but I was able to apply the ones that we used.
I learned quite a bit of math like dilutions and equations. My instructor went out of their way to help me
because I was struggling in this area a bit.
I have always had a problem with any form of complex math problems, this program may have helped some
but not in a recognizable way.
The only math in this course was Math with Business Apps, which I feel was a joke of a class. It was not at
college level. I am very good at math, always have been, and did not learn anything for my money spent.
Math has always been a strong suit for me, but certainly learned some things I wasn't aware of., such as
financial analyses of working capital, current ratio, quick ratio, etc.
This program did not go into great detail about mathematical concepts. I do understand how to solve basic
math problems and the difference between debits and credits.
I have learned how to create a budget, how to calculate and compare percentages, how to create "what-if"
sceneries. etc.
Basic math class is the only math class I have taken thus far, so I would say just touching up on my basic math
I have a background in accounting which will help my greatly in this field.
Never a fan of math.
Learned some math in excel

I passed math!!
I have grown greater knowledge in the math department.
XXXXX is a very hard teacher. That along with the way the electronics courses are taught I feel like I understand
the mathematical concepts.
I had decent math skills when i got here.
Need more mathematical concept practice. More time to learn
Electricity basics helped enhance basic math skills.
A2 x B2 =C2
we learned ohms law
I think some classes would benefit from face to face. This is one of those classes.
Mathematical concepts are not as stressed with this program. We did go over using functions in Excel and the
statistics class did help me understand how data is used in the field.
I learned a lot of mathematical concepts in the program, but I also learned a lot of math concepts in my basic
math and college math classes I took before entering the program. I feel those math classes helped me a lot
with the math concepts in my core classes.
There was some mathematical concepts especially with the healthcare statistics and other courses, but you
could still get through the program if you had weaknesses in math.
I do agree that I could use these mathematical concepts if needed on a daily basis, however, I have struggled
with the statistics but I believe if I worked with this set of special skills on a daily basis that I would have a
better understanding of them!
I am not sure that I would remember most of the formulas, unless they were a part of my routine.
Health care statistics was a very challenging class for me, but was also very interesting to see how hospitals
come up with their data to measure performance, and compare their data to standards and how they are able
to use this information to set standards.
Not any more then I got out of the college math course. I may have learned more on the formulas for health
I never expected that math would apply to human services but this program made me aware of this connection.
I don't see the need for a lot of math in this field.
There were different concepts that I grasped right away and other that I didn't. I didn't like that the next semester
gets to have material taken out, when I had to learn all this information. I feel that more information can be
I learned to be professional regardless of the stituations I will be with a client.
I have always done fairly well with mathematics. I did struggle some with Basic Statistics. Regardless, my
instructor taught effectively and was willing to offer extra help when needed.
my math classes here did nothing for me. The adjunct professor I had was awful and not helpful in any way. If it
wasn't for the math lab I would of never passed.

I feel math is something I've always struggled with. At Western, I had exceptional instructors, but still feel it's
something I will struggle with after I start at Winona.
I took Statistics at WSU and fully grasped the concepts
I learned med. math during the program, how to properly determine the medication doses with what meds you
have on hand.
Not much math needed but I understood the math I did use.
We went over med math but it wasn't really applied.
I feel dosage calculations should have been more in depth.
I think the math could be taught a little more to better understand.
We had a med math section we had to pass.
How to convert for medications
The math lessons were very helpful.
I thought it was a good idea to incorporate math into each test to make sure we continue to understand how to
do it.
I feel I really enhanced my mathematical concepts while in this program
Math has never been my strong point and each instructor I had seemed to teach it differently. I say whatever
works for the student just go with it!
Xxxxx was awesome with teaching us the basic nursing map concepts in real life situations
None at this time. More is better!
Knowing how to calculate medication dosages quickly and accurately is a vital tool. The material here was well
taught and thoroughly repeated throughout the 4 semesters.
I liked that there were math questions on each test. We will always need to be assessing the amount of
medication or fluids a patient is receiving and I feel that it was an excellent way to prepare us.
I am strong at mathematical concepts so I really haven't learned anything new.
math is not my favorite but we found a way to make it work
some of the math is complex and you have to know how to do the equations or your patient will bear the
I wish there would have been more review for math concepts. A quick review each semester would have been
I wish they would go over more math problems in class. I am a visual learner
I know the math is not too challenging but I feel it can be difficult for some students and there just was not much
guidance in the math application questions. First semester skills did a great job with preparing students for the
math that we are expected to know but third semester, there was no guidance. I remember having to google ways
on how to answer some of those math questions because there were not even examples on how to answer themthere were practice sheets but never examples on how they got the answer.

I have learned a lot of mathematical concepts during skills class that I have been able to apply during clinical
changing kg to lbs
Minutes and units during fieldwork
Minimal mathematical concepts.
There were limited opportunities to apply mathematical concepts.
Time management and calculating treatment time.
We didn't have a lot of mathematical concepts for this program, but I was able to apply the ones that we used.
I have learned new math skills. A lot of it is still above my head.
My math has gotten much better but I am still not good at math. never have been
I did not feel my math teacher helped me understand math any better. I also failed.
There is definitely more math than I thought. But I like what math we do in class and what equations we do
I can do formulas for HVAC-R
measurements are huge
Xxx XXXXXX class is a really good class to help with the mathematical situation we will see in the field.
I understand it more now.
I already had a strong understanding of basic mathematics, and have taken Statistics and Calculus at a 4-year
unniversity, so I would not attribute that knowledge to this program. However, I did learn Accounting Principles
which I likely would not have learned elsewhere.
I will be picking up the financial analysis book frequently, because the concepts can be used in everyday
business matters.
I already knew most of the mathematical concepts before this program, so I didn't really learn too much.
Accounting, financial analysis, and math with business applications really helped with this.
I was able to relearn lots of concepts and become more comfortable with others that I was not before. I still am
happy I am not choosing a profession in math!
I never liked mathematical anything, I got help from some great staff at the Black River Falls location. I also did
great in the Math with Business Applications class. I am glad I was able to get the help that was needed because
I learned a lot.
We really only have like one math class and I don't remember any of that.
I have learned new ways to use Excel that I can use when working.
Never a fan of math either way.

I feel like with the food costing it really helped my math skills and helped me understand it much better.
The only time we used math was to measure scoops of powder and water and in the office they don't even do
I could always use math nothing changed from being in this program.
I am able to use math better.
Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx is the best teacher ever!!!!!!!!!
It was a good program
You always use math everyday of your life.
there was stuff learned in the class but during this program you didn't need to apply it
We learned some mathematical concepts to use with children but I thought we could of learned math concepts
for each age especially that would of really helped.
I already had strong math skills before the program.
I learned far more statistics and time value of money. Western also solidified my knowledge of ratios.
They were tough to learn at times, but the proper resources were provided, and the instructors were always
willing to help.
I came to this institution with sufficient mathematical knowledge...
I feel that the mathematical lessons can apply to measuring things like folders to get the right cuts.
1+1=2 ?
I hate math. I failed Geometry 3 times in high school but the college mathematics teacher was such a xxxxxxx
teacher, and I cannot stress that enough.
I did use some math with some of my graphic design projects, but I think it would be nice for instructors to
touch a little more on mathematical abilities we'd need for projects and future jobs.
I would have to say mathematically the only aspect i used was measurements
I am not the strongest math student but feel the basics are something I can apply and use regularly.
Aside from subnetting, math isn't a component of this field. Basic math like business math and keeping
inventory are a component, but I had transferred from a program with a much greater emphasis on math, so
this was something I had already learned.
With NSA mathematical concepts were not as important.
Learned about ip addresses and binary and how to convert binary to decimal, etc.
I have always been good at math, but it was a great refresher.

I definitely learned how to apply math to abstract projects to produce the intended result.
We went step by step every time we had to figure math out when we ordered retaining wall block, base coarse,
pavers, and the like. It was very helpful to go over take-off's from designs repeatedly until everyone "got it";
we were encouraged to take notes.
Again, this is where a few times of review would be nice because Math is not for me and I will not be able to
understand it with one sitting, but over my career. But when you spend three class meeting straight of reading
take-offs, this was a waste of my time and I do not feel that I used my money well, especially in this situation.
College Mathematics was entirely useless as a whole. We learned all of the math necessary for Landscaping in
our Landscaping classes. I learned 90% of College Mathematics in high school already and my high school math
was sufficient for our program.
We learned basic math that goes along with scheduling, fertilizer calculations, seeding calculations, and many
other mathematical concepts that go along with landscaping.
There is alot math you have to do with estimates.
Marketing Financials was really in depth.
I enjoyed my business math class and learned a lot. In addition, marketing financials was really useful, even
though i don't like finance classes.
Marketing financials helped me learn more of the business side math.
I suck at math.
Math with Business Apps was the best class I've ever had! In high school I hated math and in fact, I failed a
math class and this class in the past with an A/B which was a huge accomplishment.
Marketing Financials
Like I had mentioned, I feel there needs to be more time spent on Pharmacology so that we could have gone
over some things a little more slowly such as medication dosage problems.
I learned mathematical equations used in respiratory care and how to apply them to treatment decision
I learned the correct way of reading business statements and how to evaluate the information. Also covering all
of the basics in business math have been beneficial.
I now understand the way mathematics apply to business in a managers position.
In the industry that I am in (building materials) we use a lot of fractions. I now feel comfortable with my
answers because I know that I am doing it correct.
Due to my previous background, I already knew the majority of the math with business applications material. It
was a good reminder, but I believe it could be beneficial to other students.
Not a whole lot of math is used. Keeping track of how much medications have been used on the field is the job
of the surg tech, which I am able to do.
how much local can be used depending on the weight of the patient
This question was kind of hard to answer, but yes? I think so? We didn't have a "math or formulas" section
throughout the program or anything like that, but I understand ratios and strengths of medications, if that is
what this question was asking?
Medications and counts are critical. This happens every single day, no matter what. Accurate counting is

I took Math with Business Applications online, and the instructor didn't do anything to help us other than send
us "pretty good" YouTube videos.