2016 Spring Social Natural Theories Student SLO Assessment Survey

2016 Spring Social Natural Theories Student SLO Assessment Survey

Core Abilities Spring 2016 Student SLO Report
Spring 2016

May 2, 2016

Q8 - As a result of this program: I learned how to transfer social and natural
science theories into practical applications.



Strongly Disagree






Neither Agree nor Disagree






Strongly Agree






Q9 - Provide any comments you have on transferring social and natural
science theories into practical applications.
I am really not sure what this question could be referring to other than maybe the anatomy and such of medical
terminology that is essential in this program and yes I do feel that I learn more and more everyday in this
regard in this program and in my career already in the field.
How we had to teach the children about science and we did social and natural science activities with the
children through play.
I learned how to transfer social theories, not so much science.
Um, what? I know this is probably a generic form for each program that people graduate from, but... I guess I
did? The economics and psychology courses gave me a better insight into human nature on an individual and
collective level. At the same time, this has nothing to do with being a network systems administrator
Very little was done with Natural Sciences or social theories
Well I don't know what u mean if natural science , this is welding not environmental class.
I can interpret tests and get a feel of what the patient might be suffering from.
The science theories we learned were directly applied to disease processes, equipment use, and treatment
decision making.
Not applicable to the marketing Program
I was taught how to take common sense and apply it to everyday life. Sales and management practices came
natural to me, I just needed to know how to apply them to my everyday working life.

I think the sociology class helped me realize how groups of people behave, which helps a lot in marketing.
XX Xxxxx taught us the reasoning behind making specific landscape horticulture decisions: the 5 W's and How.
The way they explained them made SENSE!
I feel this question is regarding our Ethics class or sustainability class. For me this class had zero amount of
functionality. None of it recognized Landscaping and I don't feel that learning what qualifies as a right or wrong
argument has any use for me in my field. This class seems to be intended for psychology and I feel that that's
the program it belongs in.
We learned a lot about social sciences and interaction with others, but natural sciences were focused on less.
I have learned how to grow plants and not to grow them and also how to identify them.
We consider advertising's effects on society, so there's definitely a pinch of social sciences included, but there's
not a whole ton of natural sciences involved in this program.
The theories I learned can allow me to understand on how employees interact in the workplace.
was science even in any of the gen eds?
I don't know
Question doesn't make any sense.
there was nothing of this sort
Feel like we didn't really learn a whole lot about this topic.
Did not do any of this.
It taught me to be green with the wipes
Classes were great.
The closest thing I can think of was in economics, she told us about positive externalities. Socially we did a lot
of public speaking which will help in the long run.
Transferring theories into practical situations was a great way to further understand them and I enjoyed this.
I didn't really have a course that related to this.
I really enjoyed psychology! (worked great with teacher) and Ethics even though I loathed the teacher. (very
rude) I think the efforts to help us networking is a great effort but I still feel way too uncomfortable and really
have no self-confidence in this area.
As a graduate of the HVACR Associate Degree program I have learned that I am in the business of providing
comfort for people. I have to be mindful of these individuals and making sure I do the job properly.
They a lot of the time go along with common sense applications, so used often
The classroom visuals and in lab activities strongly reinforce these ideals

oh yeah
I wish I would of gotten more time with fabricating different splints rather than just spending 2 weeks on it. I
also never got a chance at Fieldwork to make splints, which was kind of disappointing.
Theories were used minimally. FWE noted learning theories is more of an OT concept and not applicable to
Though I feel it will take time to better enhance these skill, I feel confident that I can apply what I have learning
into practice.
I found that I used the examples of actual experiences from our instructors rather than the by the book theory
I think it all comes together in forth semester. The concept maps done during simulation tied it all together for
me. This concept should be introduced ealrier and continued throughout the program.
My best scores have all been related to mental health. Knowing how to approach diverse people in various
situations improves treatment facilitation. Knowing how medication interact in the body and mind is also highly
important to helping people.
I have a strong science background, but this program has helped me direct my energy to nursing science.
Putting evidence based research to work in a clinical setting
As much as I hated doing concept maps and care plans they helped me see the bigger picture and see the patient
as a whole.
I have learned about the importance of evidence-based nursing research which is always changing and has
prepared me to keep up to date with it throughout my nursing career.
Wish there was more emphasis on skills and applying knowledge instead of paperwork. I feel that all I did during
clinical was paperwork
I literally have no idea what this is even referring to, we never used those words in that combination at all during
this program.
The program does a nice job of bringing together the concepts with actual people.
I don't know what this means.
This program was excellent at putting theories into real life situations.
I frequently refer to the PIE theory when assessing people.
There were many theories that were addressed through out this course. My favorite one was the person-centered
theory. I feel that, yes, there are so many other things going on in peoples lives and that should be looked at. It
makes helping other people easier by keeping everything else in mind.
Person-in-Enviroment is forever engraved in my brain including utilizing reflection of feelings, summarizations,
clarification, and paraphrasing.
Through courses like Sociology and Cultural Issues, I learned much useful information in how to relate to and be
more accepting of people from different backgrounds. Also, I have a better understanding as to why some people
believe the things they do or act in certain ways.
I learned how to appropriately use practices in my career. I even landed a job were I utilize these skills.
The two field placements allowed us to apply classroom knowledge

A lot of things I learned I don't know why I learned them.
The labs allow me see the theories in work.
We did touch on how to effectively socialize with all people including in other countries. We did not talk about
theories and science too much because that does not relate to what an administrative professional does.
I have learned the different theories on why people are the way they are.
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