2016 Spring Sustainability Student SLO Assessment Survey

2016 Spring Sustainability Student SLO Assessment Survey

Core Abilities Spring 2016 Student SLO Report
Spring 2016

May 2, 2016

Q8 - As a result of this program: I am able to make decisions that incorporate the
importance of sustainability.



Strongly Disagree






Neither Agree nor Disagree






Strongly Agree






Q9 - Provide any comments you have on what you learned about
incorporating the importance of sustainability in decisions you make..
Not applicable
no idea what this question is asking..
Xxxxx did a lecture on sustainability i think alot of the students found it interesting
my proble solving skills have imporved a lot. I feel more indepent and more at easy with making a decisions.
To be green
Not sure
Sure, virtualization uses less resources, which is good for sustainability, right?
We use WAY too much paper in this program.
I don't understand this statement.
I can make a living on welding .
I know that technology is always changing, and I need to stay ahead of the game and continue to learn even
after my formal education ends.

I used to be very shy, insecure, and second guess myself a lot when I first started clinical, now I have some
confidence in my decisions.
I am still learning, but yes, I am able to important decisions throughout the case, or throughout the day that
incorporate sustainability.
I didn't really get much out of the sustainability class. The instructor was great and some of the coursework
was interesting, however I don't really see how it would apply to me much in the field I'm going into.
Because I care about our community and the health of our planet, I have already made the commitment to
living sustainably the best I can before I came to Western for this program. The Principles of Sustainability class
was not a good use of my time but I sure enjoyed meeting the instructor, Xxxxx Xxxxx, as they are a very sweet
As I have gone through this program I have gained a strong sense of sustainability and conservation which I
look forward to using in the future and to educate others of its importance.
We talked about this a lot in our landscaping classes
Scalability is an important concept in the IT field.
Like the focus of the campus, almost every class I took had a section that related itself to sustainability.
After I have learned about sustainability in my decisions, I can make choices that help get closer to making the
Well I play Fallout so I value decision making.
It would be nice to learn how to be more sustainable in this program (it's not a huge part of this career field,
but it could be touched on a bit in class I guess!)
Well I learned research can be your best friend.
This topic wasn't talked about too much at all but when it was I feel like I learned a little bit about
I learned the importance of this in operations management.
I really enjoyed the classes that helped really show time management. I also really liked the simulations that
were done throughout multiple classes.
In both my core classes and general studies classes I have had to interact with people of different ages, sex,
religion, and races.
My classes consist of people of different race and different backgrounds, being around them taught me so
much about people and I respect every one of them.
That Intro to Ethics class was like pulling teeth, Xxxxxxx XXXXX is a terrible teacher. doesn't value other
people's opinion.
I can deal better with peoples crap
I see the need to further education beyond this program, even if it means staying up to date with the latest
nursing journals.
The clinical instructors have helped guide the way I provide care more cost effectively.
I used to be the most indecisive person I knew, but now I am confident in making choices, and I pay attention to
how outcomes are related to my decisions.
I wish we would have had more opportunities to practice decision making in the nursing setting.

I know how important it is for me to really consider all the different routes to a situation and to just step back
and think about what my options are.
I have learned the most about making decisions from clinical.
I need to consider that some decisions will have ripple and long term effects.
no comment.
I have learned time management and self motivation when it comes to these online courses! I am determined
and I am going to keep going as I have gained a sense of confidence during this program!
This is something that comes from being in the work field.