2016 Spring Technology Effectively Student SLO Assessment Survey

2016 Spring Technology Effectively Student SLO Assessment Survey

Core Abilities Spring 2016 Student SLO Report
Spring 2016

May 2, 2016

Q8 - As a result of this program: I learned to use technology effectively.



Strongly Disagree






Neither Agree nor Disagree






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Q9 - Provide any comments using technology effectively.
This is the biggest area of improvement as a result of this program.
Could provide more education on scan tools, few were used.
When working with area businesses, the unexpected happens. It created a very real-world environment that I
would not have gotten at a 4-year college who only does case studies.
As technology changes it will be hard to keep up, how ever I feel like I can work a POS and the everyday
technology need for the felid.
I know how to setup a welder.
I learned so much about Mac computers and software programs, mainly the Adobe Suite and Logic Pro. I feel
confident working in all of these programs, and I wouldn't have been able to learn these programs so quickly
without the guidance that my instructors gave me.
I learned how things are innovative and how things change in this field drastically over time.
This program has thought me confidence in myself and how to think on my feet. For plan A, there's always got
to be a plan B. I used to hate critical thinking questions, but now it is kind of try trying to figure things out with
the knowledge I have.
It is a "think on your feet" kind of profession
This program has definitely helped me with my critical thinking skills because we learn to anticipate the needs
of the surgeon and the team and solve problems through out the case. I use my mind a lot during the day!
No two surgeries are the same, even if they are on paper. Things happen and you have to be ready to adapt to
whatever is going to happen, anticipation is key.

Our computer class was not instructed very well and was mostly self-taught. However, I did learn useful things
during the course of that class.
I fell more confident using word and excel at work.
I wish we could have become more proficient in EPIC charting
I've learned how to use respiratory care technology, such as ventilators, as well as multiple health information
systems to effectively treat patients and communicate with colleagues.
Didn't have a good computer word/excel teacher. I knew the majority of the material that was being taught.
Lots of work on black board and l learned to make a powerpoint
This happened primarily on clinical, not in the classroom
I had previous knowledge of all Microsoft Office products and we used them often. The landscape design
software we were able to learn is AWESOME - kudos to XX Xxxx for finding such a helpful software program! I
will be using the upgrade in my real-life landscape design business following graduation.
I have a basic knowledge of your typical lap top and desktop but I failed to receive an education when it came
to using the large printers. A go-to need for the printer is required for our Landscape Design 2 class due to our
projects being based off of computer software, but the landscape program printer is currently out of order and I
am truly disappointed that I cannot print off my designs that I have put 10-20 hours into.
A lot of our landscaping classes we were able to design power points and create Landscape Designs. I really felt
very fortunate we had access to this software and really appreciated being able to work with it.
We used Word, PowerPoint, and Excel for a lot of projects and I feel comfortable with them.
I feel like I expanded my IT knowledge a great deal. I learned how to be more efficient in the things I already
knew and I learned many new advancements.
Considering I am going for a degree in computer programming, I definitely know how to use them.
I feel like I have mastered ways to use and apply critical thinking in day to day living.
There's a good question- definitely did. Lots of hands on labs where we were given an expected outcome and
had to piece it together from nothing. Very challenging, often frustrating, but the only way to pick up these
Troubleshooting the numerous labs that didn't quite work right was a great learning experience, albeit
The graphic design program does a fantastic job teaching software skills. I wish there were even more in depth
technically oriented software teaching classes.
Learning how to use technology effectively helped me since I can now use it to organize my files better.
The teachers provided navigation through program tools that were helpful.
The Excel class was very helpful.
Technology played one of the biggest roles in my program, such as Microsoft applications.
Word and Excel were great classes to take.

We have had to use a smart board and I was able to successfully use it in a presentation.
I am able to use newer technology to communicate with truck ecms.
use the meters
I have learned a lot technology programs on how to read trucks and engines.
computers were not used as much as they should have been in trouble shooting vehicles
We learned a lot about using on-line services.
I am already very fluent in modern technology.
Technology is becoming a big part of dental
Great things were discussed
Things I didn't even know that existed, gave me new insight on business matters.
I enhanced my critical thinking skills but I did not really learn anything new about it.
In all of my classes, we had to use critical thinking.
I have always been a critical thinker but this gave me more options to consider and watch out for.
I feel like if the students couldn't figure it out the teachers would just give us the answer or they wouldn't even
I was able to learn how to work with stubborn people and get them to work when they don't want to.
While I have learned about a wide range of technology that is a part of the HVACR field I know this is basic
knowledge and that I have a lot more to learn.
I learned the AutoCAD program.
The second year of the program has helped improve my computer skills.
I can fix stuff
We really need to have a good handle on technology before starting the program.
Documentation during fieldwork
This was primarily strengthened during my FW rotation.
Assistive Technology class helped this.
Use more technology during class.

I would have liked to do more with the IV pumps, the learning session we had the first day of 4th semester
clincial at Gundersen was very helpful and I wish we could have maybe done it 2nd semester to feel more
comfortable with them. I would have liked to do more with navigating through Epic charting but I realize due to
time restraints that isn't always realistic.
I am still extremely uncomfortable with IV pumps and how to use them. My clinical experiences unfortunately
did not afford me the opportunity to practice many technical skills.
Using computers for test taking was helpful. It took a little bit to get used to doing it, but when we had to
revert back to doing paper and pencil on our snow day, it made me really appreciate the computer!
I think that it would be more effective to be able to learn equipment that will be used in practice i.e medication
I never had much trouble before the program.
More experience with pumps is needed
Each facility will have it's own software and doing things. I feel I was introduced to numerous documentation
tools, MARS, and systems. Some are better than others but I really won't know until I've been at the job longer
than weeks.
I have been exposed to some of the technology being used locally in the hospitals and clinics and have had
some limited experience with that technology. I will say that the first time I performed a bladder scan was in a
clinical setting without ever having used the technology in school. It would be beneficial to include more
exposure to technology in the classroom settings prior to clinical experiences. During rotation many areas of
the hospital were not available for me due to the limited number of days. It would be nice to see more
technology explained in detail. During my 4th semester rotation we had training on IV pumps at the hospital,
hosted by the hospital, that training was thorough and involved hands on participation.
I had to learn technology effectively because I found myself often being thrown to the wolves so to speak.
Some of my instructors weren't able to master the intricacy of basic emails and attachments provided within
them, and others never answered phone calls or failed to return them in a timely manner. One of the
downfalls of this program was that unless it was one of half the instructors who actually checked their email,
people were really hard to reach outside of class for questions or confirmation.
I am pretty tech savvy, but I have learned how to use a couple new programs online.
I think I type faster.
I passed the course that is half online.
All systems need to be updated and the same. Some campuses do not have updated software or computers
that work.
I have gotten a lot of practice with computers and computer charting throughout this program
I have learned three different computer charting systems, it's been informative but I really wish everyone
would just use Epic.
Sim Chart at times was a bit of a hassle when the teacher didn't know how to teach the assignment let alone
complete it themselves. I was a simply waste of time most class periods.
I think more could be computer based, since that is how it is in the clinics.
We worked with different EMR programs.
I know much more about technology after using it through my experience at this college and this program.

I understand the importance of confidentiality not only through verbal and paper documentation, but also
electronic communication.
I've learned a lot about different organizations while using technology.
Being that I was out of school for several years before returning to WTC for this program, I was able to relearn
certain programs that I had used in the past, become familiar with changes that have been made to them since
then, and to learn new programs that will be essential to my future endeavors.
no comment.
I have always used technology but was unable to communicate very well. But this has changed since being in
this program.
I learned new technology with assisted devices that I never knew was out there.
We had to do a lot of assignments using technology. We used Microsoft Word, Access, and Excel. We did a
variety of tasks in these programs to know how to create databases, policies, etc. We also used other programs,
such as a test electronic record to learn what it is like to navigate that program.
As mentioned above I have become pretty comfortable with all of the Microsoft programs including Excel,
Word, Publisher, Access and Power Point!
It has been more than 15 years since I had looked at programs like excel and access and it has helped me
tremendously to brush up on these skills with the software applications program class.
The amount of computer use due to the fact that it is a online program has helped a lot. The computer class
help as well. I feel that for this program the Excel class should be more than the beginner as we use it a lot for
things in class and in the work field.
This program allowed us to know what different pieces of technology did and where to apply these
I troubleshooted my dads shredder and fixed it
I have learned about all of the Microsoft office programs, Google Documents, Transcription, Voice Speech
I have learned how to use Microsoft office programs the most efficient way possible.
Everyone communicates differently. It's important to know how to use different kinds of technology.
I loved all the classes regarding Excel and Word.
We use lots of technology in this program. We will be dealing with technology on a daily basis and I already use
what we learned in my job now.
Yes we learned all kinds of technical stuff and how to use it right and to be the best.
Learned a lot of software and app that I would have never even known about
It was nice with how much we learned about Technology.
The technology classes that I had other than the basic Microsoft used books that had many errors. This led to
more frustration than learning.
When I started the accounting program, I had no idea what Excel was. Now I use it quite often for more than
just accounting.