2013 Spring HealthInformationTechnology-SLOAssessment

2013 Spring HealthInformationTechnology-SLOAssessment



Health Information Technology-SLO
Assessment, Spring 2013
Published: 5/14/2013

Survey Overview
Health Information Technology, Spring 2013
Instructions Provided To Respondents
There are four sections in this survey.
•The first section contains two questions about your overall experience in the program. Use this section
to identify things you liked, things you would change, and to communicate any other comments about
your overall experience in the program. If you have feedback about the instruction or anything else
related to the overall program, please address that in one of these questions.
•The second section addresses the college core abilities. The core abilities are overall skills that all
graduates should acquire during their experience at Western. Focus on yourself in this section.
•The third section addresses the specific outcomes for your program. Please focus on yourself in this
•The conclusion provides a comment section for any additional information you would like to share about
your experience with your program and Western Technical College.
Thank you for completing this survey.
Respondent Metrics
First Response:
4/26/2013 10:34 AM
Last Response:
5/8/2013 11:41 PM


Survey Results


The following is a tabular depiction of the responses to each survey question. Additional comments
provided by respondents, if any, are included after each table.
Section - General Overview of Program
Instructions Provided To Respondents
We appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions. The information you provide will strengthen
our program. Thank you.
1. What did you like about this program?
All the great medical information I learned. I had great fellow students that really care about getting this
education and always willing to help each other. The instructors were very informative, gave us lots of
feedback, and were always willing to help us (even though they gave us a tone of homework - it's to be
expected). (0000000739 Anonymous)
Classes were very interesting and fun. (0000000740 Anonymous)
I like that this program was primarily online learning. Instructors were always available when needed.
Questions and concerns were always welcomed and attended to. I felt like the instructors in this programs
where here for the students to help them succeed, unlike other programs I have been in. The material for
courses were helpful with learning. (0000000527 Anonymous)
I liked that It was for the most part online and I was able to work full time and do this program.
(0000000380 Anonymous)
I liked that most of it was offered online. (0000000596 Anonymous)
I really enjoyed the fact it was an online class. Without the flexibility that offered, I doubt I would have
been able to attend. (0000000379 Anonymous)
Susan Summerfield is a great teacher. (0000000378 Anonymous)
That most of it was online. You had a lot more free ability to work at your own pace. (0000000525
The flexibility to take the majority of the courses online. I also appreciated the instructors and their
knowledge of the subject matter. (0000000526 Anonymous)
2. What would you change about this program?
As much as I enjoyed having online classes, I felt the coding courses should have some more "hands-on"
time. I was hard at times to grasp the information and correct coding procedures when having a
conversation in an email. It would have been helpful to have a few face to face classes in the beginning of
the course to ask more questions. (0000000527 Anonymous)
Elimination of so many face to face class meetings the second year. (0000000596 Anonymous)
Fewer face to face meetings (0000000379 Anonymous)



I would make it so that the classes were not so overlapping. I felt like there were many assignments that I
did basically different versions of for the classes because they were taught by different teachers. They
should work together a bit more to make sure the assignments either count for both classess or just one
class does it. I think it is also important that the statistics class that is done the first semester of the second
year has an open lab at different times during the week so that people can get help if needed. On the other
note, we have in person sessions our second year, for example HIM Organizational Resources, that I felt
like was a waste of my time, except for the last three classes. I also felt like there was a lot of busy work
assigned in this program, mostly the classes taught by Tamera, that could have been cut out. When these
assignments are given to me I really don't get anything out of them and just do them to get the points and
get them over with. (0000000380 Anonymous)
More flexibility with mandatory meeting sessions. (0000000378 Anonymous)
Most of us have to work full time. It would be nice to taylor this program around that fact. Trying take 12
credits or more and working full time makes it quite difficult. The homework was overwhelming the
second year, and I was not in a position to attend part time. (0000000739 Anonymous)
Some classes should possibly meet a few more times in the semester. (0000000740 Anonymous)
The teaching methods for coding were tedious. It seems like there must be a better way to learn coding
than to literally spend hours coding each week. (0000000526 Anonymous)
Section - Western Technical College Core Abilities
Instructions Provided To Respondents
This section addresses the college core abilities. The core abilities are overall skills that all graduates
should acquire during their experience at Western. Focus on yourself in this segment. As a result of this
3. I have learned effective communication skills.
4. Comments on effective communication skills.
I like that the online stuff helped with my e-mailing abilities and being able to communicate with people
besides just in person. Since this is the way of the future it will come in play. (0000000380 Anonymous)
I particularly appreciated the written communication and technical reporting classes. (0000000526
I've had to learn these for work and we get refreshers once a year. (0000000739 Anonymous)
5. I am able to apply mathematical concepts.

6. Comments on application of mathematical concepts.
I can do it; I just don't like to. (0000000739 Anonymous)


I did not take any math courses at WTC but did apply math concepts in my program and also as part of
development Chemistry. (0000000526 Anonymous)
The statistics class was no help to me. I am not any more confident in doing those equations now that
before I took that course. (0000000380 Anonymous)
7. I learned how to transfer social and natural science theories into practical applications.
8. Comments on transferring social and natural science theories into practical applications.
9. I learned critical thinking skills.
10. Comments on critical thinking skills.
I already possess these. I work on a crisis hotline, so critical thinking skills are very necessary. (0000000739
My critical thinking skills have become sharper as a result of my time at WTC. (0000000526 Anonymous)
11. I have learned to use technology effectively.
12. Comments on effective use of technology.
Learn how to use Excel and Powerpoint. (0000000739 Anonymous)
While I was already a user of MS Office products, I was not a MS Access database user. I am now an
intermediate Access user and have also learned features of Excel, Word and Powerpoint that I had not
previous used. (0000000526 Anonymous)
13. I have learned to value myself and work ethically with others in a diverse population.
14. Comments on valuing self and working ethically in a diverse population.
Also, learned this on the job. (0000000739 Anonymous)
I checked yes on this one but I think I already valued myself and worked ethically with others prior to
coming to WTC. (0000000526 Anonymous)
15. I am able to make decisions that incorporate the importance of sustainability.
16. Comments on incorporating the importance of sustainability.

Section - Specific Program Outcomes


Instructions Provided To Respondents
This section addresses the specific outcomes for your program. Please focus on yourself in this section.
As a result of this program, I learned to:
17. Manage Health Data.
18. Comments about learning this program outcome.
This is the primary goal of the program. Yes, I feel I am totally competant to manage health data after two
years of training in this subject. (0000000526 Anonymous)
19. Apply coding and reimbursement systems.
20. Comments about learning this program outcome.
I have been trained in coding both ICD-9 and ICD-10 but don't feel like I am an expert in either one. We
didn't spend a lot of time in reimbursement so I would say in have an introduction to reimbursement only.
(0000000526 Anonymous)
This was a bit difficult for everyone. Not only the students but Susan as well. With ICD-10 being pushed
back and then having to teach us ICD-9 it was a bit of a mix up and I don't feel that I am exceptional at
either type of coding, but I can do them both. (0000000380 Anonymous)
21. Model professional behaviors and ethics.
22. Comments about learning this program outcome.
Ethics in healthcare was part of our program training and I feel confident that I can make good ethical
decisions in the workplace. (0000000526 Anonymous)
23. Maintain electronic applications to manage health information.
24. Comments about learning this program outcome.
I am comfortable with using electrontic health record applications. (0000000526 Anonymous)
25. Apply organizational management techniques.
26. Comments about learning this program outcome.
The HIS organizational resources class prepared me well in this subject matter. (0000000526 Anonymous)
Section - Conclusion
Instructions Provided To Respondents
Please use this space to share any other feedback, comments, or suggestions about your experience at
Western Technical College.

I am really glad that I went through this program. It was a good learning experience. It offers several
opportunities throughout the workplace. (0000000525 Anonymous)
I had bad experiences with the people in the Welcome Center. A lady in the welcome center told me I
could get in the program right after passing A&P then about one week later someone else told me that
there was a 1-2 year wait list for the HIT program, and that very same day I went home and signed up for
my program classes. I was NOT happpy!!! I think people need to talk with the same advisors each time
they visit, because not everyone knows what they are talking about. (0000000378 Anonymous)
I have been a student in a couple other programs here at WTC and this one has been the greatest
experience. The instructors were phenomenal! They were always there when we needed them and I felt
like they were helping us to succeed and not just a student number. My past experiences with this school
have been less than happy until this program. Thanks to Tamra and Susan for making a difference!!!!
(0000000527 Anonymous)
Overall, I had a very positive experience at WTC over the past three years. My teachers were top notch
with only a few exceptions. I respect their efforts in preparing the courses and extra attention to ensuring
I leave the classroom understanding the subject matter. Thank you to Tamra Brown for her work on the
HIT program! I wish I could be around to enjoy the new parking and educational facilities the college will
soon be constructing! I will have to come back and visit. (0000000526 Anonymous)
Very good program, I would definitely recommend it to others. (0000000740 Anonymous)