2013 Spring OccupationalTherapyAssistant-SLOAssessment

2013 Spring OccupationalTherapyAssistant-SLOAssessment



Occupational Therapy Assistant-SLO
Assessment, Spring 2013
Published: 5/15/2013

Survey Overview
Occupational Therapy Assistant, SLO Assessment, Spring 2013
Instructions Provided To Respondents
There are four sections in this survey.
•The first section contains two questions about your overall experience in the program. Use this section
to identify things you liked, things you would change, and to communicate any other comments about
your overall experience in the program. If you have feedback about the instruction or anything else
related to the overall program, please address that in one of these questions.
•The second section addresses the college core abilities. The core abilities are overall skills that all
graduates should acquire during their experience at Western. Focus on yourself in this section.
•The third section addresses the specific outcomes for your program. Please focus on yourself in this
•The conclusion provides a comment section for any additional information you would like to share about
your experience with your program and Western Technical College.
Thank you for completing this survey.
Respondent Metrics
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4/29/2013 07:46 AM
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5/11/2013 06:03 PM


Survey Results


The following is a tabular depiction of the responses to each survey question. Additional comments
provided by respondents, if any, are included after each table.
Section - General Overview of Program
Instructions Provided To Respondents
We appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions. The information you provide will strengthen
our program. Thank you.
1. What did you like about this program?
I enjoyed not having classes on campus and having the on-the-job training (0000000495 Anonymous)
I like the idea of being hands on and having a lot of practicals to prove my knowledge. (0000000492
I liked learning about Occupational Therapy. (0000000493 Anonymous)
I liked that the program was a two year program. I think that time frame is appropriate, even though it is
very fast pace. I enjoyed the lab portions of the courses the best because of the hands on experience.
(0000000366 Anonymous)
I liked the diverse subjects that were covered and especially appreciated getting a sense of the many
different ways that occupational therapy can be utilized. (0000000566 Anonymous)
I liked the hand on experience for practicals. (0000000706 Anonymous)
I really liked how "hands-on" the labs were. We were given a lot of great tools and supplies to practice
with. Tools and labs were also available to us after classroom hours in order to practice our skills.
(0000000494 Anonymous)
It is very hands on. (0000000702 Anonymous)
Peers (0000000704 Anonymous)
Service learning opportunities (0000000705 Anonymous)
The hands on experience (0000000703 Anonymous)
The instructors were very enthusiastic about OT. I also enjoyed the mental health aspect and activity
analysis. Group leading was stressful, but also very helpful. (0000000565 Anonymous)
We spent a lot of time learning necessary practical hands on skills, this really helped me to do well during
all fieldwork placements. The instructors were very patient, always available when help was needed, and
treated the students with a lot of respect. Also the facility is great, proper equipment and environments
set up to let students experience what treatment may be like in real working conditions. (0000000707



2. What would you change about this program?
Although, we had lots of hands on I think we would be better prepared for field work if more treatment
options were explored and more practice given of actual treatment equipment, such as theraband ,
theraputty, pulleys, and weighted canes. Also if there was any way that we could have the opportunity to
work with young children in the pediatric class. One other change is that the medical and pschosocial
condition class be in person rather than online. I heard several other students make the same comment. It
is a very important class that sets some of the foundation and has difficult material. (0000000566
Class course semesters (0000000704 Anonymous)
I would change the program so there is more focus on a variety of diagnosis so we can learn more about a
variety of them instead of focusing on a few. More hands on experience would be really beneficial. Lab
times are where most students pertain the knowledge gained from the class room so making lab times
longer for particular classes would be a good idea. Overall, the instructors need to be more available for
the students as my classmates and I have found that a deficit of the program. (0000000366 Anonymous)
I would change the way that a few of the classes be changed to in class and some changed to online.
(0000000493 Anonymous)
I would have less discussion boards. (0000000706 Anonymous)
I wouldnt allow as many students into the program unless more help from teaching staff was available.
(0000000492 Anonymous)
If accreditation process is being done that they provide extra help so intructor has more time to focus on
helping students. Some of the busy work (DB) in OT practice and Management (0000000705 Anonymous)
It would be beneficial to have potential clients or volunteers come in while we are completing our didactic
course work so we can get some hands on experience before going to Fieldwork. Practicing on classmates
does not prepare you for working with people with disabilities. (0000000565 Anonymous)
More accommedation with the selection of FW placement. We are told to put down our top three choices
and areas.There was a lot of us didnt get anywhere near what we wanted (I got the complete opposite
direction that I would of had options of housing and did NOT want area that I got put in). I really felt like I
could have gotten training in the area I wanted to pursue to know if I was certain. (0000000495
More practicals for a better understanding of what the "real" life jobs are like (0000000703 Anonymous)
Nothing (0000000707 Anonymous)
Our practicals were not "all encompassing" (Performance Skills and Physical Disabilities) which would have
been very helpful. I understand time constraints but I also believe it is important to be proficient in
necessary skills. Making this possible in practicals gives us, as students, the "real world" feel of having

pressure to perform the skills correctly because we are being assessed just like how it is during our
fieldwork experiences. (0000000494 Anonymous)
Section - Western Technical College Core Abilities
Instructions Provided To Respondents
This section addresses the college core abilities. The core abilities are overall skills that all graduates
should acquire during their experience at Western. Focus on yourself in this segment. As a result of this
3. I have learned effective communication skills.
4. Comments on effective communication skills.
By leading group sessions and interacting with the UWL OT students. (0000000492 Anonymous)
I believe that communication skills were emphasized a great deal in this program, as they should be. It is
very important in the health profession and I feel very prepared for my future. (0000000494 Anonymous)
I have had practice in effective communication in classes, fieldwork sites and in the community outreach
projects we did. (0000000566 Anonymous)
I learned about communicating with patients and other health care professionals. (0000000493
5. I am able to apply mathematical concepts.
6. Comments on application of mathematical concepts.
blood pressure readings, Oxygen levels. Patients age. (0000000492 Anonymous)
It is not a mathematical program. (0000000493 Anonymous)
Mathematical concepts I learned from this program consist of goniometer reading, comparing the
"norms" of range of motion to our patients, and calculating assessment scores. (0000000494 Anonymous)
We applied mathematical concepts in doing measurements. evaluating research and evaluating survey
results. (0000000566 Anonymous)
7. I learned how to transfer social and natural science theories into practical applications.
8. Comments on transferring social and natural science theories into practical applications.
making adaptive equipment for patients with a disability. (0000000492 Anonymous)

One example is in our psychosocial class when we had to role play dealing with crisis situations .
(0000000566 Anonymous)
We learned about theories. (0000000493 Anonymous)
9. I learned critical thinking skills.
10. Comments on critical thinking skills.
Critical thinking was stressed continuously in fieldwork in coming up with treatments that fit a diagnoses
and also in learning how to adapt to our clients individual personalities and needs. (0000000566
I completed a CQI project and leaned how to grade or adapt a patients treatment session appropriatly
through practice and class. (0000000492 Anonymous)
I learned about critical thinking. (0000000493 Anonymous)
This was a strong part of the program. Skills developed greatly. (0000000702 Anonymous)
11. I have learned to use technology effectively.
12. Comments on effective use of technology.
At the start of Blackboard we had to take a tutorial to find out how to use it. (0000000493 Anonymous)
One way we learned use of technology was in the practice of electrostimulation in my fieldwork site. In
adaptive technology we learned how solutions could be very low tech or very sophisticated. A walker is
adapted technology and so is a high tech communication board. (0000000566 Anonymous)
The course Assistive Technology really did involve the use of a lot of different technology that I was not
aware of but is necessary to know in the therapy profession. (0000000494 Anonymous)
using the computer to look up adaptive equipment information for my patients. (0000000492
13. I have learned to value myself and work ethically with others in a diverse population.
14. Comments on valuing self and working ethically in a diverse population.
I learned about my self and how I work with people. (0000000493 Anonymous)
I learned the true meaning of "client centered" approach (0000000492 Anonymous)

We had several occasions to interface with various population, such as elderly. In my hospital and clinic
field work sites I met people of various religious and political beliefs and also different economic strata. I
learned to value myself in a way which allowed me not to be judgemental of them. (0000000566
15. I am able to make decisions that incorporate the importance of sustainability.
16. Comments on incorporating the importance of sustainability.
I came into this program with a strong understanding and commitment to sustainability. I don't think this
program did much to enhance my understanding or commitment to the idea. (0000000566 Anonymous)
I don't think I learned about this. (0000000493 Anonymous)
yes. (0000000492 Anonymous)
Section - Specific Program Outcomes
Instructions Provided To Respondents
This section addresses the specific outcomes for your program. Please focus on yourself in this section.
As a result of this program, I learned to:
17. Demonstrate professional behaviors, ethical standards, values, and attitudes of the occupational
therapy profession.
18. Comments about learning this program outcome.
Emphasized a lot. (0000000702 Anonymous)
I think these things were stressed in all classes but particularly in OT Theory and Practice. (0000000566
leaned appropriate professinal behaviors in all of my classes. (0000000492 Anonymous)
19. Practice within the distinct role and responsibility of the occupational therapy assistant.
20. Comments about learning this program outcome.
Discusses and learned role clarification by meeting with the UWL OT students. (0000000492 Anonymous)
Physical Rehabilitation class went a long way towards helping me gain a sense of my distinct role and
responsibilty as a occupational therapy assistant. (0000000566 Anonymous)
The hands-on experience this program provides is great-fieldwork provides a perfect learning environment
for learning the rols and responsibility of OTA. (0000000494 Anonymous)

21. Advocate for the profession, services, and consumers.


22. Comments about learning this program outcome.
participated in community events at local nursing homes and volunteer centers. (0000000492
There were many opportunities presented to us to explain to patients, their family and others about the
profession of occupational therapy. We also had an assignment to write a letter to a congress person
about a bill which would affect our profession and clients. (0000000566 Anonymous)
23. Value life-long learning and the need to keep current with best practice.
24. Comments about learning this program outcome.
Continuing education and evidence based research was definitely emphasized. It is so important to stay
informed and knowledgable. (0000000494 Anonymous)
I am an AOTA member and learned the importance of staying a member. (0000000492 Anonymous)
In OT Practice and Management we had an assignment to write out a professional development plan
which included how we would meet our requirement for continuing education units necessary for
renewing our certification. (0000000566 Anonymous)
25. Apply occupational therapy principles and intervention tools to achieve expected outcomes.
26. Comments about learning this program outcome.
I had to apply ot therapy principles and intervention tools in Pediatrics and Rehabilitation Therapy. We
were tested on our ability to play and apply the principles and use the tools correctly. (0000000566
made an adaptive equipment tool for a disabled patient. (0000000492 Anonymous)
27. Serve a diverse population in a variety of systems that are consistent with entry level practice.
28. Comments about learning this outcome.
I had opportunities to serve a diverse population in Community Practice and at all three fieldwork sites.
(0000000566 Anonymous)
Skilled Nursing, Outpatient, Inpatient, Acute Care, Hand Clinic, Brain Injury, Dysphasia, and pain clinic
(0000000492 Anonymous)

Section - Conclusion


Instructions Provided To Respondents
Please use this space to share any other feedback, comments, or suggestions about your experience at
Western Technical College.
I had a pretty good experience at Western. I feel like my second year of the OTA program should have
been better. I felt like my classmates and I were put on the back burner because of the accreditation
process. I understand the importance of it, but I felt like we should have been the priority since we are
paying for this education. (0000000493 Anonymous)
I really felt like there was too much work with the OT Practice/Management class during FW. I took a lot of
time doing unnecessary DB's and assignments (especially CQI assignment expectations). I would have like
to of done the two applications together as a class (state licensure and NBCOT) to ensure no problems.
(0000000495 Anonymous)
I was happily surprised by the high quality of teaching and learning opportunities at WTC. One thing which
was a bit difficult was not being able to get parking permits while at the Allied Health Center and also not
having access to a cafeteria. (0000000566 Anonymous)
It was a very good program and I feel well prepared to be a future COTA. (0000000706 Anonymous)
Overall I had a great experience the last two years. The teachers are very helpful in anything I have
concerns or questions about. The only thing I would change would be the number of students accepted
into the program. My class is very big and sometimes it seemed that the teachers could not handle the
class size. (0000000492 Anonymous)
Overall, the program was fast paced and kept you on your toes. There were times of being overwhlemed
and not feeling reassured I knew what I was doing. Just a few areas I would change about the program to
make it more beneficial on the students end of things. (0000000366 Anonymous)
The staff who work in the Welcome Center are very helpful (0000000565 Anonymous)
This was a great experience for me! I can't think of anything I would change, the instructors were
knowledgeable, energetic, and always willing to go the extra mile to help students and lead by example.
(0000000707 Anonymous)
Western provides a great hands-on environment. I have family and friends who attended a 4+ year college
and wish they had the experiences that I have while at Western. This program in particular is very
organized and overall, well done. (0000000494 Anonymous)