2013 Spring ParamedicTechnician-SLOAssessment

2013 Spring ParamedicTechnician-SLOAssessment



Paramedic Technician - SLO Assessment,
Spring 2013
Published: 5/15/2013

Survey Overview
Paramedic Technician, Spring 2013
Instructions Provided To Respondents
There are four sections in this survey.
•The first section contains two questions about your overall experience in the program. Use this section
to identify things you liked, things you would change, and to communicate any other comments about
your overall experience in the program. If you have feedback about the instruction or anything else
related to the overall program, please address that in one of these questions.
•The second section addresses the college core abilities. The core abilities are overall skills that all
graduates should acquire during their experience at Western. Focus on yourself in this section.
•The third section addresses the specific outcomes for your program. Please focus on yourself in this
•The conclusion provides a comment section for any additional information you would like to share about
your experience with your program and Western Technical College.
Thank you for completing this survey.
Respondent Metrics
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4/10/2013 02:03 PM
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4/10/2013 03:12 PM


Survey Results


The following is a tabular depiction of the responses to each survey question. Additional comments
provided by respondents, if any, are included after each table.
Section - General Overview of Program
Instructions Provided To Respondents
We appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions. The information you provide will strengthen
our program. Thank you.
1. What did you like about this program?
Clinical experience was good. (0000000319 Anonymous)
I like that the classes are set up in blocks. I like that the program is offered locally. I enjoy the guess
speakers. (0000000321 Anonymous)
I like the one year program and the excellerated learning process for those of us who are able to devote
our time to the program. (0000000320 Anonymous)
I loved the instructor, the lecture and the skill practice. (0000000316 Anonymous)
I really enjoyed my classmates. (0000000318 Anonymous)
It gave me the opportunity to get my degree in what I wanted. While the excelerated program was nice, it
was impossible to make a living at the same time and required me to depend on someone else's income
the entire 9 months of the program. It was nice going through one class at a time. You could get on one
subject, study it and learn it in depth, and then move on to a new subject. It was easy to focus and study
one area, rather than try to learn multiple courses at the same time and have to split up my time studying
various things. I also believe that because of this, you were able to learn a great deal and go into depth on
each thing, rather than skim over a bunch of different subjects. (0000000322 Anonymous)
The main instructor was very compassionate about making sure each student was successful in completion
of all requirements. (0000000317 Anonymous)
2. What would you change about this program?
-We have two good instructors, but recently we have had a teacher with less than two years of experience
and no teaching experience. -Clinical paperwork is very time consuming to go through with a teacher one
on one. -Thrown into our clinicals with not many skills to practice. (0000000319 Anonymous)
Have the teaching assistants have more experience, and have more teaching assistants. (0000000318
I think I would have more people teaching different sections, people that are actually in the field doing it. I
feel that not having the extra teaching assistants available during lab times would have been very nice.
Also trying to do some of the skills right away in the program, so we can have more experience doing them
when we are in our clinicals would have been nice. I think going back into 3 or 4 semesters would be better
for the program. It is very stressfull to be trying to get all the homework and clinicals done. I feel there
was really very little we could do about how things were set up. When we had issues... we would get the

same line about how they have no control over how things are set up, that this is the way the advisors
wanted things. (0000000321 Anonymous)
I would increase the amount of teacher assistants available during skills work. (0000000316 Anonymous)
I would like to see more communication between the different instructors for a more unified
understanding of where we are at in the program as a class and as an individual. (0000000320
Instructors: With the instructors being involved with each other, it made it so that I could not go to one
instructor about any issues I was having with the other instructor. One instructor was very sexual
inappropriate and I felt very violated by him on numerous occasions. After reporting the issue, the class
was seriously retaliated upon by the remaining instructor and they made it almost impossible to pass the
class and turn in paperwork due. They also began changing the rules according to the paramedic
field/clinical guidebook to fit their own wishes and add unnecessary work to the students. During a 10
minute break, the instructor would not return for 45 minutes on a regular basis, yet the students were held
to strict standards as far as timeliness and obeying the student's guidebooks. Concerns brought forward
by the students were not taken seriously and ignored, or turned around all-together to be the students
fault and problem. (0000000322 Anonymous)
Making the classroom portion online with online lectures and then only have skills and clinical face to face
to meet more of the needs of the non-traditional student which is what this program appeals more to.
(0000000317 Anonymous)
Section - Western Technical College Core Abilities
Instructions Provided To Respondents
This section addresses the college core abilities. The core abilities are overall skills that all graduates
should acquire during their experience at Western. Focus on yourself in this segment. As a result of this
3. I have learned effective communication skills.
4. Comments on effective communication skills.
I already have effective communications skills. I think there are some who learned manipulation skills in
this program, to manipulate the staff to their advantage that hurt the rest of us. (0000000321 Anonymous)
I had strong communication skills prior to this program. (0000000317 Anonymous)
I have learned effective communication skills due to my upbringing, previous jobs, and preceptors in the
hospital and field, not anything I learned during the program. The instructors have no communication skills
with people, or students. (0000000322 Anonymous)
I previously hand good communication skills so this class was not extremely different for me. (0000000320
Not so much through the program but through clinical experience. (0000000319 Anonymous)



5. I am able to apply mathematical concepts.
6. Comments on application of mathematical concepts.
I am able to apply mathematic concepts because my mother taught me and my preceptors in the field
have taught, quizzed, and drilled these concepts into me during my time with them, not anything I learned
from the program. (0000000322 Anonymous)
I had strong mathematical skills prior to this program. (0000000317 Anonymous)
7. I learned how to transfer social and natural science theories into practical applications.
8. Comments on transferring social and natural science theories into practical applications.
I have learned how to transferring social and natural science theories into practical applications because I
had amazing trainers in the filed, not what was taught by the instructors in Western classroom.
(0000000322 Anonymous)
I would have liked to have had more guest speakers come in when we were in a topic, rather than after to
give us their information, which was very helpful. (0000000321 Anonymous)
My preceptors helped to widen my knowledge base and helped me to transfer classroom theory into
practical application. (0000000317 Anonymous)
Only through clinical experience, real life and practical scenerios not practiced enough. (0000000319
Sometimes more explanation about things would be nice. (0000000318 Anonymous)
9. I learned critical thinking skills.
10. Comments on critical thinking skills.
Already had them (0000000321 Anonymous)
My preceptors on the ambulance services taught me a great number of critical thinking skills, not the
school. (0000000322 Anonymous)
My various preceptors helped me to build on my critical thinking skills and widen my knowledge base.
(0000000317 Anonymous)
The program did significantly improve upon my critical thinking skills at and above the paramedic level.
(0000000320 Anonymous)



11. I have learned to use technology effectively.
12. Comments on effective use of technology.
Already had them (0000000321 Anonymous)
Computer based reports are very helpful. (0000000320 Anonymous)
I had strong technology skills prior to this program. (0000000317 Anonymous)
Yes, I am a young adult and an 8 year old can use technology effectively or else you grew up in a third
world country OR you have a very serious mental retardation handicap. But I was very effective in
technology long before coming here to school. Or going anywhere to school for that matter. (0000000322
13. I have learned to value myself and work ethically with others in a diverse population.
14. Comments on valuing self and working ethically in a diverse population.
I have always valued myself and my ethical values in all matters, including a diverse population, long before
Western. But if I had not before attending college or participation in the paramedic program, I would be a
worthless human being. (0000000322 Anonymous)
My ethics were questioned several times because of other individuals in this class that were allowed to use
their manipulation and cause trouble. I have never had my values and ethics questioned as much as I have
had in this school year. It made the class very stressful. (0000000321 Anonymous)
This was a skill I believe I previously had. (0000000320 Anonymous)
15. I am able to make decisions that incorporate the importance of sustainability.
16. Comments on incorporating the importance of sustainability.
Yes, I have been sustaining myself and others for years, had I not, I would not be here today. (0000000322
Section - Specific Program Outcomes
Instructions Provided To Respondents
This section addresses the specific outcomes for your program. Please focus on yourself in this section.
As a result of this program, I learned to:

17. Prepare for incident response and EMS operations.


18. Comments about learning this program outcome.
already had these skills (0000000321 Anonymous)
I learned all about incident response and EMS operations further than what I had learned for my EMTBasic. (0000000322 Anonymous)
I learned alot of this from my clincal preceptors. (0000000318 Anonymous)
More from clinical experience. (0000000319 Anonymous)
They were very good at teaching us about what we need to be doing and preforming on scene as
paramedics. (0000000320 Anonymous)
19. Integrate pathophysiological principles and assessment findings to provide appropriate patient
20. Comments about learning this program outcome.
Went very in depth in the pathophysiology. (0000000320 Anonymous)
Would have liked to have had more pathophys on some things rather than stories about careers. I feel
there were some areas that were not addressed enough. (0000000321 Anonymous)
21. Demonstrate paramedic skills associated with established standards and procedures for a
variety of patient encounters.
22. Comments about learning this program outcome.
Again, I learned alot from my clinical preceptors. (0000000318 Anonymous)
Only learned from clinical experience. (0000000319 Anonymous)
The clinical sites were golden in instructing this. (0000000322 Anonymous)
23. Communicate effectively with others.
24. Comments about learning this program outcome.
I communicated effectively with others long before I knew this was a "program outcome". (0000000322

25. Demonstrate professional behavior.


26. Comments about learning this program outcome.
due to previous sited complaints about people causing trouble. I feel this was not teaching others the
proper behaviors for being a paramedic. When I am in the field I want to be able to trust my partner,
whoever they are and not have to worry about tattling. (0000000321 Anonymous)
I have held many professional jobs before coming to this program, and if I did not demenstrate
professional behavior, I would have been fired. Which I wasn't. (0000000322 Anonymous)
Many people in our class were not held accountable for days missing or coming to class late. Some people
were punished when others were not. Very unfair treatment as far as attendence. (0000000319
27. Meet state and national competencies listed for paramedic certification(s).
28. Comments about learning this outcome.
ACLS/PALS course had one very experienced paramedic and one very unexperienced. The unexperienced
teacher was teaching us the wrong information and was not corrected. (0000000319 Anonymous)
I do believe I have gained enough knoledge to sucessfully pass national and state exams. (0000000320
I got everything signed off on that the state and nation require. (0000000322 Anonymous)
Section - Conclusion
Instructions Provided To Respondents
Please use this space to share any other feedback, comments, or suggestions about your experience at
Western Technical College.
I do wish the class as a whole better understood what needed to be done to prevent many complaints and
arguments. The instructors should better coordinate so as to not have us preform a skill one way and be
told it is corrrect just to have a different instructor tell us it is incorrect the next day. I also believe that the
instructors should treat students more equally and not give exceptions to certain students, this was cause
for a lot of complaints this year and could easily have been prevented if the instructors stuck to the
student guidebook and did not show favoritism towards anyone. (0000000320 Anonymous)
I have been a student at Western before and had a very positive experience, but this time it wasn't. I don't
know if it was the program, students or what. It has been one of the most stressfull situations I have ever
had to deal with. Far too much drama with students, faculty and people over them. I feel that in many
ways I have been taught more in my clinical sites and in my past experiences than I was here in class. I felt
like this was something I just had to get through to be able to take my boards and that is sad. I was paying
for the kind of education and preparation I had before and felt I was let down. I appreciate the staff, I am

sure due to issues in class and the background that they had to deal with, it was not always easy. I feel
that due to budgets or whatever it was that limited them on assistance, and the fact that the scheduling
was changed, as well as the curriculum, it made it a very trying time. I apologize that some of our students
were not more professional and made it more difficult for them to do their job. I hope that some of these
things change for future students. Also having additional staff that is actually working in the field and not
just book smart would have been nice. We had one TA that wanted us to do things HIS way, causing many
of the students to fail some of the stations or tests... you need to be sure your staff is also competent and
up to standards that are put forward by the state and national protocols. (0000000321 Anonymous)
I think professors should have more experience when it comes to being a paramedic. You don't know how
to "be" a paramedic without practicing your skills in the field. I would have liked more guest speakers to
come in and talk to us about specific things that we will experience in our near and upcoming future. I
would like to see more teaching assistants. I understand that may require money, but I have talked with
some of the clinical preceptors and most of the specifically said they would come in and donate thier time
for free. It's nice to hear what path they would choose or what meds they would give when it comes to
specific patients. I do not agree with the fact that teaching assistants that were teaching our classes have
little to no experience. I believe that if you are going to be a teaching assistant, you need to have atleast 2
years of experience in the field. I feel this way because if you have no experience how do I know if you are
really giving me the correct answer to my question, or showing me the proper way to address a situation. I
do firmly believe my professor was an intelligent person, but just did not have enough practical skills to
answer questions brought up amungst my classmates, and I'm paying for my education so I deserve
someone who know throughly what they are doing. As I end my journey of this program I do think I
learned alot, some things more than others. All in all, it was a somewhat good experience. (0000000318
In the future I would like to see less changes to the instructor roles, the handling of clinical paperwork, and
less of the requirements that were added on in preparation for future accreditation. (ie portfolio
assignment, wards reports, etc.) (0000000316 Anonymous)
Overall, first semester started out pretty well. We got a lot of grief for not being able to perform all of our
skills that we could and uniforms being delivered late gave us a late start to clinical. Second semester was
absolute chaos. Treatment for absent days was very unfair, people missing over half of a course and still
being allowed to stay in the program. There was a lot of "hands being held" through the course. A lot of
time wasted on complaints people had and literally crying about skills. These people really just held us back
from our learning, in the long run these people will be fired from their work place and putting a bad name
on this school. Organization was terrible throughout the program as far as testing and national registry
goes. Teachers and administration has really only been worried about getting accreddited in the last
semster than our education itself. Looking back on everything, our lead instructor Deb was a great teacher
and really fought for us throughout everything but the rest of the school really didn't support our success
in the program and felt like all they wanted was our money. (0000000319 Anonymous)
There were many issues that occurred during this program that affected my learning environment.
Between classroom dynamics and constant change of instructors sometimes made it difficult to stay
focused and stay on track. The classroom social politics were out of control and at times I felt as if
information that was needed for my success, would get lost. Despite all of the changes, I have been a
success, which only proves to me that I have what it takes to be successful no matter what the
circumstance. I only hope that future classes do not have the same hurdles to cross over. (0000000317



You should not allow instructors to be in an intimate relationship with each other. You should not allow
instructors to sexually harass students and then do nothing about it when you learn of it. I will tell
everyone I know to stay away from Western, they do not care about the studentsl. I refuse to let any
family members consider coming here. You should not let very serious complaints be brought against the
same instructor year after year without doing anything about it and allowing students come to such a
hostile and intimidating learning environment. (0000000322 Anonymous)