2013 Spring Diesel&HeavyEquipmentTechnician-SLOAssessment

2013 Spring Diesel&HeavyEquipmentTechnician-SLOAssessment



Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician-SLO
Assessment, Spring 2013
Published: 5/14/2013

Survey Overview
Diesel & Heavy Equipment Tech-SLO, Spring 2013
Instructions Provided To Respondents
There are four sections in this survey.
•The first section contains two questions about your overall experience in the program. Use this section
to identify things you liked, things you would change, and to communicate any other comments about
your overall experience in the program. If you have feedback about the instruction or anything else
related to the overall program, please address that in one of these questions.
•The second section addresses the college core abilities. The core abilities are overall skills that all
graduates should acquire during their experience at Western. Focus on yourself in this section.
•The third section addresses the specific outcomes for your program. Please focus on yourself in this
•The conclusion provides a comment section for any additional information you would like to share about
your experience with your program and Western Technical College.
Thank you for completing this survey.
Respondent Metrics
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4/30/2013 12:19 AM
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4/30/2013 10:34 PM


Survey Results


The following is a tabular depiction of the responses to each survey question. Additional comments
provided by respondents, if any, are included after each table.
Section - General Overview of Program
Instructions Provided To Respondents
We appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions. The information you provide will strengthen
our program. Thank you.
1. What did you like about this program?
ability to bring in your own projects, teacher was very helpful and knew what he was talking about
(0000000480 Anonymous)
All of the hands on experience we recieved along with minimal classroom activity that allowed us to work
things out on our own in the shop and develop our skills instead of going through all the classroom reading
material all the time. (0000000481 Anonymous)
how the all the teachers were willing to get in and help you as soon as they could and not make you wait
around. and how they made you think and they did not just give you the answers to every question you
had. (0000000485 Anonymous)
i got to bring in my own truck to work on. (0000000475 Anonymous)
i have learned alot in this program. wounderful staff (0000000476 Anonymous)
I like how hands on this program is. I'm the type of person that learns from doing rather than just reading
from a book. I also enjoyed going on field trips and being able to see how things are made. I came into the
program knowing little about mechanics and now i feel confident in getting a career in diesel mechanics.
(0000000479 Anonymous)
I like the that I am now a certified tech, and that I will have more than just in shop experince on my
resumes. (0000000482 Anonymous)
In depth work in trucking and heavy equipment. (0000000477 Anonymous)
The hands on activity (0000000483 Anonymous)
The hands-on training and the training scenarios. (0000000486 Anonymous)
The work we did. (0000000484 Anonymous)
Working on heavy equipment and trucks (0000000478 Anonymous)
2. What would you change about this program?
how many times you can be gone and make it more understandable about being sick for example if you
get the flu can you be gone until you feel 100% better. we are paying for the education we should be able

to determine how many times we can miss and if we miss out on important information then thats our
fault (0000000485 Anonymous)
I think more demonstrations made by the instructors would help students have a better idea of what to do
and what not to do. (0000000479 Anonymous)
I would change a lot with this diesel program to include tools, shop, instructors or their views, class times
and some courses. The shop tools that are in the students boxes are the worst of the worst that just get
you by through the 2 years. I can find better tools at a garage sale. These tools are outdated, cheap and
most most tools in the box are maybe used once in the 2 years. Why spend all the money on all junk you
use once in 2 years and go cheap on a ratchet that you will use daily? We have a shop tool room for tools
that are rarely used. The shop issue is a issue that I am aware is being changed this year so I wont go into
the poorly laid out shop space. As far as the instructors go they should make up there mind on how they
are going to teach, out of the book or real world shop. Examples: I have been told that this book we are
studying out of and my grade depends on the the hw but the book is wrong becuase it is very poorly
explained or vague I think the question should be thrown out. How can you mark me wrong after telling
me I am correct but this book says otherwise so your grade will suffer becuase of it??? Another example:
One instructor is a "hot head", will snap on you because he is having a bad day. This same instructor has
snaped on the class becuase of his mess up on assignments due dates. He has littarly been shaking, red in
the face and yelling becuase he has such a short temper. I think this is very unprofesional and a very very
sorry excuse of a instructor. Worst part about it is when he does snap, the other instructors will stand by
and let it happen... this tells me its okay for the college to set examples like this. This is at least a weekly
occurance. This instructor needs help, as do the rest becuase they wont say a thing to him about it.
Another example: We rebuilt a engine completly this year, everything was replaced except the camshaft.
This cam was in very rough shape so I told the instructor that It needed to be replaced and he inturn said
with his head held high and talking down to me, When you have been in industry a couple more years you
will find out that customer has the last say as to what goes back into the engine like it or not. I agree with
this statement 100%. So I tell the instructor to call the owner of the vehicle and inform him of the cam, he
returns and says that well I think this is what he will want and I dont think he wants to spend anymore
money.... So I am told to put junk parts back into rebuilt engines also in this program. I am embarrassed to
be accociated with this engine becuase of what I was told to do in order to recieve a grade for the day. I
have pictures of the cam on my phone, have shown other well certified mechanics and they have all
agreed the cam was junk. Not to mention the up front cost of puting a new cam in the engine is a lot
cheaper than taking the engine back apart. The class times were a little conflicting with trying to work and
pay rent but the thing that really gets me is how its not okay for me to show up late to class, but everyday
there are students sleeping in the classroom? I get points taken away but the classroom sleepers do not???
How does that make sense at all? Also one program spends close to half the shop time total hours cleaning
the floor and sorting scrap metal. Shop cleaning and scraping is not even in the course description/your
not graded apon these, yet half the hours almost are spent on it???? I am spending lots of money to come
to school and so are all the other students, dont waste our time. This also effects people wanting to show
up to school. why would we??? get a degree in scrap? What I think is the funniest thing about this is the
instructor who teaches this class thinks he needs more time to teach his course... hahaha. (0000000482
I would change some of the attitude that may be offensive to other students. (0000000486 Anonymous)
I would change the program so it is set up as transmissions covers all transmissions, brakes is brakes,
engines covers all engines, etc (0000000477 Anonymous)



I would find a way to schedule longer break during the day. (0000000483 Anonymous)
I would upgrade all of the equipment and trucks to the most current and up to date equipment on the
market. The oldest thing in the shop should be from 2007. We do not have enough training and
familirzation with the new products that are in our current industry. (0000000478 Anonymous)
longer days so more time in the shop (0000000475 Anonymous)
more consistent class times not a different ending time every day (0000000480 Anonymous)
more space in the stop and more demos (0000000476 Anonymous)
The only things I would like to see changed is maybe a bit more up to date equipment and possibly tearing
more things apart so we can put them back together with supervision in case something goes wrong and
our first experience isn't in the field on a customer vehicle. (0000000481 Anonymous)
Section - Western Technical College Core Abilities
Instructions Provided To Respondents
This section addresses the college core abilities. The core abilities are overall skills that all graduates
should acquire during their experience at Western. Focus on yourself in this segment. As a result of this
3. I have learned effective communication skills.
4. Comments on effective communication skills.
I can explain what the problem is and if i am trying to find out what the problem is i can ask the necessary
questions to find out what the problem is. (0000000483 Anonymous)
Learned how to handle customers and co-workers in a professional manner. (0000000479 Anonymous)
Proper interviewing skills, how to deal with customers and people in general, proper writing techniques
for work orders and general writing, getting along with co-workers. (0000000481 Anonymous)
we have learned how to do resume and also the correct why to fill out apps (0000000476 Anonymous)
5. I am able to apply mathematical concepts.
6. Comments on application of mathematical concepts.
Got a brief brush on on general math concepts from the past but also learned the necessary math
concepts necessary to do proper math in the field. (0000000481 Anonymous)
I am able to apply mathematical concepts to what i am doing but in this course i did not apply
mathematical concepts to what i was doing. (0000000483 Anonymous)

7. I learned how to transfer social and natural science theories into practical applications.
8. Comments on transferring social and natural science theories into practical applications.
How certain scientific principles work and how certain things in the diesel field use these concepts to do
everyday duties. (0000000481 Anonymous)
i have learned how to applie my skills from the class room in too real life practice (0000000476
Im not sure what this question is asking (0000000483 Anonymous)
9. I learned critical thinking skills.
10. Comments on critical thinking skills.
How to think on the fly and determine a solution based on that. (0000000481 Anonymous)
i have learned how to trouble shoot (0000000476 Anonymous)
I have learned to run through everything that i have done on a motor in my head and remember what it is
suppost to look like when the engine get put back together (0000000483 Anonymous)
learned how to break problems down and find the real problem (0000000480 Anonymous)
Learned how to troubleshoot problems effectively. (0000000479 Anonymous)
11. I have learned to use technology effectively.
12. Comments on effective use of technology.
Everything today runs on technology so learning the proper technology usage is key to success.
(0000000481 Anonymous)
I have learned to use technology in the work place as in using the computer to read codes on trucks
(0000000483 Anonymous)
laptops for truck diagnosis (0000000480 Anonymous)
Learned basics on how to use equipment safely and efficiently. (0000000479 Anonymous)
The computer time with cat sis, Service Pro, etc was very helpfull (0000000477 Anonymous)
yes we have used the latest and greatest of tool and scan tools (0000000476 Anonymous)
13. I have learned to value myself and work ethically with others in a diverse population.

14. Comments on valuing self and working ethically in a diverse population.
could use some more color in the shop (0000000476 Anonymous)


I have learned to value myself but not get to the point of thinking that i am better than other people. I
have always worked ethically because i want to be proud of my work (0000000483 Anonymous)
Learned how to maintain a safe work environment for everyone. (0000000479 Anonymous)
You're going to work with many people from many walks of life. Use what you know to help others and
allow others to help you and things will run smoothly. (0000000481 Anonymous)
15. I am able to make decisions that incorporate the importance of sustainability.
16. Comments on incorporating the importance of sustainability.
Sustainability is part of everyday life... learn to to the best possible thing you can and you can make a
difference. (0000000481 Anonymous)
Section - Specific Program Outcomes
Instructions Provided To Respondents
This section addresses the specific outcomes for your program. Please focus on yourself in this section.
As a result of this program, I learned to:
17. Identify strengths and weaknesses in their course of study
18. Comments about learning this program outcome.
I felt like i was playing hide and seek with chad because he was always in one of the instructors bays talk to
them (0000000483 Anonymous)
i have learned how to trouble shoot and elminate problems to find out whats wrong and what needs to be
fixed (0000000476 Anonymous)
There are many different things to cover through this whole program. Time management and planning will
lead to success. (0000000481 Anonymous)
they like to focus on trucks and heavy equipment (0000000480 Anonymous)
19. Project a professional image by acts of timeliness, cleanliness, honesty and acceptance of
responsibility for actions taken.
20. Comments about learning this program outcome.
I am but the instructors should learn this too. One misses more time than the students. Instructors should
be held to the same standard as the students. You miss 3 days your done. Why a grey area for the
instructors? Is the school teaching us that the instructors are better than us? Do they not do wrong,
becuase if they do they are not held to the same standard as the students. (0000000482 Anonymous)

I like how it is suppose to be set up as the workplace (0000000477 Anonymous)


learned how to be more efficient with repairs (0000000480 Anonymous)
Things will run alot smoother if you are honest about your mistakes, honest with customers, do the best
possible job you can in the shortest time possible without jeopardizing quality and safety of everyone.
(0000000481 Anonymous)
21. Demonstrate a positive attitude, attentive listening skills and the ability to foster personal
22. Comments about learning this program outcome.
Always do the best you can with the abilities you carry and don't get flustered if you can help it. Take in as
much info as you can and listen to your boss and co-workers as they may provide vital info you can use in
the field or in life. (0000000481 Anonymous)
I dont make relationships with people that i dont like so i did not talk to many of my classmates
(0000000483 Anonymous)
I have learned it is okay to scream in class at students and its accepted as a correct way of handling things
in this program. (one instructor yells) (0000000482 Anonymous)
23. Demonstrate the ability to inspect, diagnose, service and repair major systems related to the
diesel transportation and heavy equipment industry.
24. Comments about learning this program outcome.
You can't learn everything you need to know for the field in this program but if you take in all the info thats
presented you'll have a solid foundation of what to need to get started and the rest will come with
experience. Take your time and follow procedure and you'll do fine. (0000000481 Anonymous)
25. Practice personal work habits through compliance with all company, brand/vehicle, OSHA and
environmental policies.
26. Comments about learning this program outcome.
I have learned its okay to put junk parts in a engine without telling the owner of the vehicle (0000000482
You may not always be able to do things the way to want or how you feel they should be done but always
follow proper safety, company and OEM procedures, guidelines, etc, to make sure everyone is on same
pagem no one is hurt, and proper protocall is followed. (0000000481 Anonymous)

Section - Conclusion


Instructions Provided To Respondents
Please use this space to share any other feedback, comments, or suggestions about your experience at
Western Technical College.
As an instructor you need to be in the area that your students are in not on the opposite side of the shop
having coffee with another instructor and making small talk, i as a student am paying to be here and learn,
not walk around looking for my instructor to that i can ask him about the engine that i am working on.
There is a need fer better tools, it is sad that i feel the need to go to my work on my break and bring my
tools to school because the tools that western provides are not adequate for the job. (0000000483
I would not come back to this program again and will highly recommend others thinking about coming into
this program to choose a different school. (0000000482 Anonymous)
it was a really good class and i highly reccamend it to anyone interested in diesel mechanics (0000000475
It was a very exciting experience! I took in alot of information i didn't know, expanded on a few things i did
know, and applied all of that to simulations of in field situations. I learned that time management is crucial
to success in many things and taking the time to read things thoroughly and everything will be ok. The
instructors are passionate about teaching students the info and skills they need to be successful in the
field. (0000000481 Anonymous)
Stereotyping needs to be set to a minimum of none. (0000000486 Anonymous)
The diesel mechanics program at Western Technical College was a great choice for me and was well worth
the time and effort. (0000000479 Anonymous)