Classroom Management

Effective classroom management is part of building a community of learners.  Classroom management encompasses everything an educator does to organize materials, space, time, and students to maximize learning opportunities. The links below explore many aspects of classroom management.

Managing Classroom Behavior

Kids Do Well If They Can (Greene, 2008)
Guiding our working with challenging students is our philosophy of what drives them to behave in certain ways.  This brief article questions the conventional wisdom framing student misbehavior.

Classroom Management:  Finding the Balance Between Too Rigid and Too Flexible (Weimer, 2013)
This short reflection considers whether strict classrooms lead to a better learning experience.

Dealing with Monopolizing, Distracting and Withdrawing Behaviors  (Lansing Community College)
Read about helpful tips and other factors to consider when working with challenging students.

Student Incivility (.PDF) (Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching)
This is several resources and articles wrapped up in one seven-page pdf.  You’ll find ideas for how to respond to disruptive behavior as well as ideas on how to prevent it in the first place.

Managing Class Time and Space

Tired of repeating directions?  Watch this video for four quick tips to ensure you’re communicating clear and concise directions.