What AEDD Offers

Our job in the Division of Academic Excellence and Development is to support your teaching.  To those ends, we offer the following services in order to help you grow as a professional educator.

Teaching and Learning Library

The Division of Academic Excellence and Development has a small but growing library of books related to teaching and learning.  Stop by, browse, and check out a book of interest!  Click here for the current list of books in our library.

Teaching and Learning Consultations

A consultation session offers a supportive, non-evaluative setting in which to reflect on your practice. An individual or small group requesting a consultation may want to:

  • Explore new instructional methods that are based on best practice research
  • Brainstorm ideas for formative and summative assessments
  • Troubleshoot a classroom management issue
  • Talk with someone about course design and curriculum development
  • Reflect on grading practices
  • Develop strategies to collect and use student data to improve learning

Classroom Observations

Classroom observations follow a three-step process of a pre-observation meeting, the classroom observation, and a post-observation reflection session. Observations are non-evaluative and have nothing to do with the promotion or retention of your position. Individuals requesting a classroom observation may want to:

  • Get a fresh perspective on anything they consider important to their practice
  • Gain insight into patterns of interaction within the classroom
  • Receive feedback on a new activity or instructional method they are trying out
  • Get a different perspective on a challenging student behavior
  • Obtain data on signs of student learning and engagement in their classroom

Ongoing Learning Evaluation

An ongoing learning evaluation (O.L.E.) allows you to better understand the successes and struggles your students are having in your class. Should you request facilitated course feedback, you will work with a consultant from AED to arrange a thirty-minute window during one of your courses for the consultant to meet with your students. During these thirty minutes, you will leave your classroom and the consultant will facilitate a session aimed at constructively critiquing the learning happening in your classroom. Afterward, you’ll meet with the consultant to debrief. The ultimate objective of this non-evaluative meeting is to celebrate the positives and brainstorm strategies that might address student concerns.

For more information contact: aedd@westerntc.edu