The Classroom Community

Learning doesn’t happen in isolation.  Creating a sense of community within our classrooms offers another way of supporting students cognitively, socially, and emotionally.  The following links offer some insights and resources about building a community of learners.

Love the One You’re With: Creating a Classroom Community (Gregory, 2013).
One faculty member shares an experience with setting the tone on the first day.

Five Things to Do on the First Day (Weimer, 2013)
Read this article for ideas on how to set the tone of your class from day one.

How to Use the First Day of Class to Set the Tone for Entire Semester (Bart, 2009)
Learn ten strategies that help set the proper tone and establish expectations for learning.

Learning Students’ Names (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Learning your students’ names as soon as possible communicates respect and sets a positive tone.  Use these tips to help you.

Icebreaker Activities (Lansing Community College, n.d.)
Looking for a way to help students get to know each other and you?  Try one of these icebreakers.


Student Retention Strategies

We often think of student retention as a big picture issue–one that must be dealt with at the institution level.  While there is no doubt that institutional policies play a role, there is much you can do in your own courses to promote student retention.

What Faculty Can Do for Student Retention (Madison College, n.d.)
Here are 23 strategies to help boost student retention in your courses.  Notice how most deal with relationship building–one of the keys to meaningful teaching and learning.

Strategies for Addressing Student Fear in the Classroom (Bledsoe & Baskin, 2015)
This article discusses the role that anxiety and fear play in some students’ academic experiences and offers ideas on how instructors can help students achieve success despite their anxieties.