FERPA Tutorial 7

Helpful Hints to Avoid FERPA Violations

  • Do not circulate printed class lists as an attendance roster.
  • Do not have students sign in on a roster where other students are signing in with name and student ID number.
  • Do not discuss the progress of any student with anyone other than the student, unless it is with another college official with a legitimate educational interest.
  • Do not provide anyone with a list of students in a particular class or student group/organization.
  • Do not provide anyone with class schedules or assist anyone other than another college official in finding students on campus.
  • Do not include FERPA protected information in a letter of reference without student‘s prior written consent. (This would include GPA or successful progress information.)
  • Do not leave graded work in a stack or mailbox for students to sort through to pick up.
  • Do not post grades, even if coded, in alphabetical or any other recognizable order.
  • Do not use any personally identifiable information on posted grades (such as name, student ID number, birth date, phone number, etc., or any derivates of those numbers).

Be aware of information in plain view on your desk or work area; any student identifiable information should be out of view at all times.