Teaching at Western

Faculty at Western Technical College (Western) teach diverse topics and come from equally diverse backgrounds. They make Western the essential experience for students because they have worked in their areas of expertise and bring real-life experiences and knowledge to their classrooms.

In order to teach at Western, faculty must meet requirements established by the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS), The Higher Learning Commission, as well as state and federal licensing for their academic or occupational area. This is in addition to those minimum requirements set by Western Technical College.

Faculty Quality Assurance System (FQAS)

The Faculty Quality Assurance System (FQAS) is the system that ensures Western hires highly qualified faculty and provides ongoing professional development to support learner success. The requirements are outlined in Wisconsin Administrative Rule (TCS 3) and applies to all faculty, full and part time, who are teaching courses that apply to a degree or adult basic education within the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS).

Faculty who are hired to teach at Western must meet seven initial competencies designed to give new instructors the core ideas and broad understandings of teaching and learning at Western Technical College. Collectively, the competencies serve as a springboard for ongoing professional development. The seven competencies include:

  • Teaching Methods and Technology which introduces basic learning theory and a range of engaging teaching strategies
  • Assessment which acquaints instructors with a variety of ways to check for student understanding as well as use assessment results to improve teaching
  • Student Success which focuses on how instructors can best help Western students succeed in the classroom, in higher education, and beyond
  • Behavioral Management which explores the strategies and tools that help to establish and maintain a positive learning experience for all students in the classroom
  • Course Design which familiarizes instructors with the tenants and tools of curriculum development
  • Embracing Diversity which investigates the impact of college, community, student demographics, and instructors’ perspectives have on teaching and learning
  • Data and Evidence Analysis which looks at how instructors collect and use data from their classrooms to inform decisions about teaching and learning

All seven competencies must be met within three years of your hire date for full-time faculty and five years of your hire date for part-time faculty, regardless if you are teaching continuously during that time.

Shortly after being hired, new faculty members will receive a summary of their outstanding competencies along with a schedule of course offerings that meet the outstanding requirements. Newly hired faculty with teaching experience may have some of these requirements removed based on course and work experience based on a review of each new faculty member’s application materials. At times, a portion of a requirement may also be removed. Faculty have the opportunity to provide additional documentation throughout the process.


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For more information on FQAS, contact:

Peggy Vogel
Teaching and Learning Coordinator
Phone: 608-789-2068
Email: vogelp@westerntc.edu

Nicole Cooksey
Curriculum Coordinator
Phone: 608-789-6239
Email: cookseyn@westerntc.edu

Jackie Kettner-Sieber
Associate Director, Talent, Retention, and Employee Relations
Phone: 608-789-6233
Email: Kettner-Sieberj@westerntc.edu

Jessa Lounsbrough
HR Benefits Specialist
Phone: 608-785-9166
Email: lounsbroughj@westerntc.edu